Goodbye Europe, its been a blast !!


So our final couple of nights in Europe an amazing sunset off the Coast, parked up with several others just outside Dieppe about 2 1/2 hours south of Calais for Saturday night, Sunday night in Calais then cross back to the UK Monday Morning.

We are wanting to get up to Calais  before lunch time Sunday so that we can have a bit of a stock up in the big Hypermarket before crossing back over, it was a bit of a push and time was running out so ended up having to toll road for about 50km ( 9 euro) into Calais.


Ended up not actually stocking up as much as we thought we might but cheese beer and wine all OK for a week or so.


Our final ferry crossing Calais to Dover ended up being the roughest we had the entire trip with a nasty chop across the English Channel.





Last Update for the “Adventures of Miss Stella”.

We have had a great couple of weeks catching up with friends and a few other visits, along with several evenings enjoying local hospitality in the odd pub.

Once back in UK we spent a night with Martin and Jo Rowe at Havering -Atte-Bower, I worked for these guys back in 1992 and it was amazing to see how the area has changed since with the inevitable encroachment of London Sprawl.

From here we headed down to Wales where we have based ourselves with Edward and Magaret Harris on the family farm in the village of Beguildy.

A couple of days away from here tripping around visiting a Plastic recycling center based on Bale Wrap and a good catch up with the Innovis Genetics crew in Aberaswyth. Including selling a couple of Primera rams to the Harris family.

We are presently cleaning Miss Stella up ready for storage in Bath on Saturday when we will train down to London for the weekend and Heathrow on Monday.

Will probably have a wind up post once home and put some overall travel details in but thanks for following.

Shane, Susie & Miss Stella

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