Coastal France



Apologies for the break in transmission but amazingly since back in the UK Data coverage from my Cell Phone has been somewhat limited and in fact in Wales full on reception is very limited, anyway this is a bit of a catch up of last few days in France. Thursday 28th September

So leaving the National Riding School we had quite a long afternoon on the road heading towards the coast, around Angers, but somehow managed to pretty much go directly through the centre of Rennes before heading towards The French Coastal town of St Malo, and very easily finding our way to the Aire   ( 7.50 euro/night , water and waste)which ends up being next to the Racecourse and about a 20 minute bike ride from the Historic Centre of  St Malo.

Laundry is on the cards this evening which basically means sitting in the Laundrette for a couple of hours people watching.

Next morning, another beautiful day we cycle our way into the old part of St Malo and have a very pleasant day in this amazing old city. Totally based on tourism now it is still a stunning town with amazing history throughout.








Once again an afternoon drive as we continue our way up the coast, a photo stop at Pont du Grouin, where we watched the turn oft the tide, which is huge, it must be at least a 6 meter tidal change on this coast, and obviously very good fishing.



Making our way into the Oyster Fishing village of Cancale we made our night stop in the local High School carpark, somewhat busy the next morning but no problems.

Friday 29th September


A wander around the village of Cancale including the oyster huts, 12 fresh oysters on a plate with lemon slices = 3.50 – 7.00 euro depending on size. Once again a very Tourist dependant town. History is definitely fishing specifically Oyster farming but now it seems most of this is done in commercial farms not wild. Another version of the tidal flow with the massive mudflats that stretch out into the bay.


This looks as though its going to be another “big “ day on the road, yesterday was about 80km, today might pass 100km’s.


Mont St Michel is our next stop, after Paris this is probably France’s most famous landmark. A very impressive Abbey that was built onto of a rock out in the bay, with only a small footprint, the only way they could build it was up and the self guided tour through the open area’s (this is still a working Abbey) was an amazing trip through a whole heap of hidden rooms and galleries.



A very impressive setting and ancient building, the Abbey itself is surrounded by an equally ancient village now full of tourist shops and resturants.



Mont St Michel is set on a rock in the same bay as Cancale which is basically a 700ha bay of tidal mudflaps. Over the centuries these mudflats have changed due to silt movement and early in the 1800’s it was seen that the manmade access pathway out to the Abbey was changing the way the tides were moving the silt around and essentially “hard land” was starting to creep towards the Abbey itself. So a very clever dam system was built on the river to control the tidal flow in and out of the river itself so the inland mudflats don’t completely dry out and that the flow out into the bay is maintained at a constant flow.




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Tonights parkup is a first for us, we are in a supermarket carpark, perfectly legal this one as well, as the local Carefour has a dedicated area for “campercars”. However not the quietest as somehow trucks use it as well and the refrigerated units leave their fridge motors on.

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