Chateau’s Of The Loire, France



Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th September

Suns out again so off we go, but we have a bit of a detour for a start to a home design shop called “Leroy Merlin” a great couple of hours in here and lots of photos of different setups of kitchens, bathrooms showers wardrobe assemblies etc. So many ideas to try and track down back in NZ.

Hitting the road again we set off down the 751 in the direction of Tours, this area is in a lot of ways the centre of French History, with wall to wall Chateau’s, vineyards and Medieval villages. The Road in a lot of places runs between the Loire River and limestone cliffs, these cliffs are full of manmade caves that house huge vintages of wines as well as many that are actually homes.



The town of Amboise is a stop and a visit to the Chateau perched above the river. This is one of the original Royal Residences before they Royal Family moved to Paris to be closer to the centre of things. With Audioguides clamped firmly in place we spent a couple of hours wandering around this rather magnificent example of a building. The history here is incredible, it is this Chateau’s 500th Birthday in 2019 and there was a smaller one here before that.


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It is also the resting place of Leonardo de Vinci, who had quite an involvement in the desoign of the castle during one of its remodelling phases. I personally had no idea he had quite as close as an association with the French Royalty as he had.


These buildings and grounds are protected somewhat by National Trusts but most of the upkeep etc is derived from Tourism and ones like Chateau Amboise is done really well.

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After the wander around the tradition French village surrounding the Chateau we hit the road again in until coming across the Chateau Usse rising above the road, it was also the fact that the carpark for this one allows overnighting so we are parked up for the night watching the sun go down over the Chateau and the Lights coming on. We have done a massive 45km today.



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