Paris Day 2


Friday 21st September

OK up and at em, plan for today is to visit a couple of the bigger markets in Paris before a visit to the Louvre at 3.00pm (pre-booked tickets again).

Once again a totally uneventful train journey in and then a bit of an adventure through the metro system with a couple of changes to reach the Saint -Ouen Flea Market in Northern Paris, this is known as the largest Flea Market in Paris, with a heightened expectation of all sorts of Antiques etc.

Getting off the Metro we headed towards the area passing through a refugee type sell swap and exchange zone  and then into one of the worlds biggest area of sidewalk clothing hawkers outside of Asia before entering the market itself. Surprised at nothing going on here, a quick google search shows us that it doesn’t happen on a Friday. (every day but). Still a wander around looking in windows shows us it would have been pretty good to visit.

Not a problem, move onto the next entry in the little red book, The Aligre Market, which is known as the largest farmers market in Paris, another 2 Metro changes and we got this one sussed, only to find it closing down, everybody packing up, its only 12.30, google says 7.30pm. Never mind still some good permanent foody type shops around here.

We are now pretty good at just wandering so continue on towards the very prominent Bastille monument where we treat ourselves to a French Café lunch, (not going near snails, froglegs or andouilles though).






Post a very relaxing lunch people watching its time to head to the Louvre. Now this is joining the masses, for some reason in my naivety  I thought the glass diamond was pretty much it, but that is just the cover over the entrance.


An amazing collection of paintings sculptures and statues (mostly wasted on me) including the famous “Mona Lisa”, don’t really know what all the hype is over this one, as you can see by the photos below you cant really see it because of the crowd anyway.


Look who managed to push to the front.
Standing on Tip Toes on Full Zoom. Not the best effort. Easier just to buy the guide book.

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Quite interesting looking over the shoulder of the obvious art students scattered around doing their representation of famous paintings, boy this generation is lacking some talent.


Been there done that ticked off the list. As we wander back up the Champs-Ellyses through the Royal palace gardens we contemplate an evening cruise on one of the river boats, but having a closer look at what you would actually see decided that we have seen as much as we want and time to keep moving out of Paris again.

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