Loire Valley, France

Saturday 22nd September

A very easy trip out of Paris this morning heading south towards Orleans and then onto the Loire Region of France. Just a couple of small stops on the way had us through Orleans and heading down the 751 towards Tours, when we decided that that the town of Blois was far enough today.


With Park4night showing an Aire right in the centre of town 500m walk from the Chateau, sounds good to us. The aire is super easy to find and but the entry procedure through the barrier took a bit to decipher, in the end we where informed by a couple of Brits that there was an escape code sellotaped to the side of the barrier which could get us in. 8 euro for 24hours including waste and water, (no hookup).

Once parked up a wander around is required, what a surprise this place turns out to be. Straddling the Loire River, (this bridge was actively hunted by the allies and the resistance during 1944 and both ends destroyed) it is home to a Chateau, a cathedral and another rather imposing castle like building that has a history of Dark Arts and magic since the middle ages.



Funnily enough the “Harry Potter” nutters have adopted this town and have a weekend gathering here, there are kids running everywhere dressed up in cloaks and scarfs etc. More disturbing is the fact there are adults doing the same thing and dressed the same way, further to that statement there are groups in the grounds of the Chateau playing “quidditch”, by that I mean running around chasing each other with broomsticks between their legs. Yep there is one or more in every crowd.



On our wander around Susie like a bee to a flower was drawn to this neat little furniture and fittings design shop, (however having done a bit of a look at the bag allowance for getting home reality has sunk in and the credit card is kept in the wallet). Very cool styles here and lots of photos.

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The other thing that is unusual here is a set of steps that runs up the hill at the end of the main entry into town. On them is painted this black and white spiral which is such a spectacular scene coming across the bridge. Also painted on the steps are a couple of those 3D scenes (see photo).


20180922_183725 (2).jpg




A very cool town , so traditionally French (other than the Harry Potter stuff) and such good fun just exploring.

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Sunday we awoke to a very wet day so it was basically a book and food day, great for the relaxation side of things perhaps not so good for the waistline, (never mind will worry about that in 3 weeks time).

By about 4.00pm I had a great case of cabin fever so set of for a walk, by the time I got into town it had started to rain again , I mean bucketing down. Choices were to get wet or park up in a Pattisserie. (easy choice here, waistline attack again). Susie must had foreseen this as she had decided to stay with Miss Stella and her book. (I did take her a Chocolate Éclair back).


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