Nykobing Falster – Monrad

Sunday 9th September

Another slow start saw Miss Stella leave our Suburbia Campground and head further South. We have a ferry booked for today at 6.00pm across to Puttgarden in Germany.

However first up we have made our way to the town of Nykobing Falster. This is where Susie’s Great Great Great Grandfather is buried.




In the end a very easy find. As he was bishop of this local Area his grave is very prominent along side 2 or 3 other past bishops of the area.

With this seen and photographed another 20mins we are at the ferry, Rodbyhavn, 4 hours early. On our way in we were thinking oh Ok we will just park up and have a quiet afternoon waiting for ours, however the route we took to get there basically dropped us directly at the ticket gate with little option of turning around or backing up.

On the outside hope we may be able to get an earlier sailing I wandered up to the gate and asked. Yep no problem, drive on up, we get our ticket drive into the waiting lines and straight onto an empty ferry, (of course its Sunday so no trucks) 45 mins later we are in Germany again.

This is a very popular busy route from Denmark to Germany and ferries run every 45 mins both ways.

Once off the ferry we have time to kill so make our way around to a little  parking area by the “beach”.

On the boat we had had lunch and made the most of tax free with the last of our “Danish” money, ( chocolate and Bailey’s).

Had we known what we were to find at the Puttgarden Harbour we may not have been so hasty.

Known as the worlds biggest tax free border shop, this old ship is tied to the wharf and has been converted into what must be “the worlds biggest booze shop”. We actually spent a couple of hours in here just wandering around looking, the amount of people coming through here on a return Ticket from Denmark was huge, including a heap who shop on line turn up at the loading dock open the boot and load up.


Not really wanting to spend any more time around here, we haeded south along the coast to the beach town of Grube where we have parked up for the night.


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