Tuesday 11th September

The Netherlands don’t allow wild camping, in fact it is quite common to be moved on by the local authorities evidently, so overnighting spots will have to be selected with care.

Tuesday evening, we have made it to the carpark of a swimming pool on the outskirts of Emmen, where evidently they turn a blind eye to overnight parking. Its getting very Autumn feel now with much cooler nights and darkness by 8.00pm. 1.00am I woke to headlights and a vehicle pulling along side us, I did keep going past and out the window I was able to see the police car pattern and light bank on top. Obviously we passed inspection and got the “blind eye” we were hoping to get.

Rural view from our carpark, spraying potatoes ( in the rain).


Wednesday 12th September

Its Raining and quite cool today, (and Miss Stella is getting dirty from road crap again).

Todays trip is essentially winding our way up through the farming area towards Leeuwarden, then driving the Waldenzee Dike (from Harlingen to Den Oever).


Its about 30km long this Dike.



Massive farming operations here, lots of potato cropping along with beet crops and grass and maize silage being harvested at the moment. Big Gear again and all new.

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From here it’s a short drive down to Alkmaar, Miss Stella outdid herself here today, we selected the shortest route lining it up with our map book but wasn’t quite exact. We ended up following this “C” road along one of the main shipping canals. Very scenic, a great unexpected drive. Alkmaar is home of the windmills. A very cute town with narrow cobbled streets and the ever present canals. Also another Church enclosed with scaffold, this one was different though, as the 500th birthday of the church the local community have erected scaffolding up and over the church so yo you can get a true birds eye view both inside and along the roof top to the spire and Glockenspiel. Not good with heights not a good idea as a few people where rather shaky up on top.



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Another short drive has seen s to Volendam for the night. This whole area is very much about the cheese (Edam), with a lot of cheese shops and good tastings.We are staying in the carpark of a cheese and clog making business tonight with the obligatory visit in the morning due.

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