Royal Castles


Thursday 6th September

Fredericksburg and Fredensborg Castles.

A short 20 minute drive from our beachside overnight in Frederiksvaerk and the obligatory stop at supposedly the best bakery in the area for fresh “Danish’s” we arrive in Hiierod and without too much problem find a carpark.

Unfortunately the debit card is still having to be used for these small things like parking meters as many of them don’t take cash. I think this may hurt a bit as the exchange rate and exchange rate charges take place every time we use it.

Fredericksburg Castle is a rather ornate moated castle that was built at the time of Christian IV (1588 – 1648) was restored after a fire in 1859 and is now Denmarks Museum of Natural History.

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The museum was founded by the brewer J.C. Jacobsen as a separate department of the “Carlsberg” dynasty.

They were a funny looking lot, there were literally rooms full of “Mr Bean” lookalikes.

An amazing collection of portraits and history paintings as well as distinguished examples of decorative art.

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Very very impressive, both the art and the interior of the castle itself.

We had been keeping our eyes open for some of Susie’s Ancestry due to her Great Great Great Grandfather having been involved in the formation of democratic  government and a subsequent prime minister of Denmark.

Thanks to help from the admin team they pointed us in the direction of 2 great paintings on display.




The whole story is however is that as Prime Minister “Bishop Monrad” was involved in the disastrous war against Germany in 1846 which led to the land loss of about ½ of Denmark. He was subsequently asked to leave the country and ended up in Palmerston North New Zealand.

Not one of Denmarks finest hours we have found out.

Another short drive and we were at the Fredensborg Castle, now this one is still actually a castle and is essentially the “Queen of Denmarks” summer residence and is famous for its gardens. It was the original Royal Hunting Castle and Estate and includes massive formal gardens. Unfortunately we have missed the open season of the summer garden so only got to see a bit of the surrounds.



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Once again its motorway time and a relatively short hop down to Copenhagen for us. Now Copenhagen is known for its control of its Low Emission Zone Central City area. This is where all vehicles must be either under a certain age or have been tested and passed for low exhaust emissions, if caught without the green sticker a rather heavy fine is handed out.

Now by now everyone must realise we don’t like driving in cities anyway so we manage to plot a course outside of the “zone” to a campsite about 20km south of central Copenhagen in an area called Hundige. This is the first paid campsite we have been in for ages, but bonuses are it is secure, has big showers with unlimited hot water and is only about 800mtr from the train to central Copenhagen ( about 20 mins trip).

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