Friday 7th & Saturday 8th September


As always in a new city its takes an hour or two to get your bearings but we have spent 2 great days and huge amounts of shoe leather checking out this pretty cool city.

I must admit after we got off our train and made our way to the famous statue of “The Little Mermaid” along with 30 other tour buses of “tourists” I was beginning to think oh crap another touristy city. However we were soon to be proved otherwise.


On a side note thousands of tourists flock to Amsterdam to see this little statue, I don’t think Napier is doing enough to promote “Pania”. (just my thoughts).

Copenhagen is foodies heaven, don’t think we have ever seen so many restaurants and bars in a single city. These range from your top of the range Michelin * types down to a huge variety of street food.

City sights included the crowded canals complete with the wooden sail boats that the city pays the owners upkeep to have them berthed in the central city canals, the changeing of the Guard at the Ameliaberg Royal palace, (no Royalty in residence at the moment so a bit of an ordinary spectacle) and the obvious “Copenhagen shopping” there are a couple of little parcels that have found their way into Miss Stella from the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain shop. And of course the Rustenburg Palace, museum showcasing the excess and lascivious lifestyle of the Royal family in early centuries, (they were madder than King Ludwig of Germany)


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On Friday afternoon we joined a free walking tour from the central park through various ally’s etc with all sorts of stories of the history of the city and ended up at Torvehallerne food hall. This is a food hall designed and opened by Top Chefs and food producers to provide “street type food” and allow small producers to sell there products.


A canon ball from the first war of Copenhagen  lodged in the side of a building, evidently genuine.
Everybody in Copenhagen seems to cycle.


Also the climb to the top of the “Round Tower”, the tallest tower in Copenhagen by built without stairs because “Christian IV” who had it built wanted to ride his horse to the top. A very cleverly designed and built spiral alleyway within the tower.

We have also purchased the “Copenhagen Card” here as well which allows us free use of all public transport and free entry to most of the city sights and museums etc. On our first train we were asked to see tickets. This is the first time in the whole trip that we have seen a “ticket collector”.

I havnt written much about our eating experiences, however after a rather large tasting session of treats at Torvehallerne it is a very light meal at camp tonight, “cheese, pate and crackers”.

The classic Copenhagen Open topped sandwich.

Saturday saw us back into the city and more shoe leather. After a brief mistake on the metro where we found ourselves at the end of the line in deep suburbia, (the wrong way) we headed to the area of Copenhagen known as Christianshavn. This is essentially a group of islands connected by a canal system that is known as the thriving younger brother to the city of Copenhagen, it is a combined city and fortress that is now home to some of Copenhagens wealthiest institutions, amazing development of old commercial warehousing, connecting cobbled streets and very colourful “yacht filled” canals.



The other side to Christianshavn is the “freetown Christiania”. This area is the ultimate anti-capitalist showcase. (at least that is how it is advertised, we beg to differ as the amount of drug’s visibly on sale here was extremely capitalist in its nature). This area is “hippy” central and it seems anything goes, building regulations don’t exist and drug laws only exist when the boys in blue are actually present. This we saw first hand as the sellers were very busy doing a roaring trade, “nek minut” “a visit was happening by the local constabulary” and the sellers just vanished, all that was left were empty gazebo’s and tables that a couple of minutes ago were filled with their wares.


This is the legal variety here.



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Another must see for Copenhagen is Trivoli gardens, an area right in the centre of Copenhagen that is a public garden mixed with an amusement park mixed with hundreds more eating and drinking places and outdoor concerts. Incredibly busy which was understandable as it was Saturday afternoon.

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It was with very weary  legs we made our way back to Miss Stella this evening and I will say one of our earlier nights to bed, not before very long hot showers again.

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