Egeskov & Rosklide, Denmark



Wednesday 5th September

We are getting into the business end of Denmark now making our way towards Copenhagen, but before we cross the worlds longest suspension bridge linking the 2 islands of Zealand together we have one of the must sees of Denmark to visit.

Egeskov Slot (Castle).

This working estate (1150ha) is “one of the 50 most beautiful places in Europe”.  Centred around a medieval moated castle (built in 1554) it has acres of gardens in every form and shape, unfortunately being autumn the garden wasn’t at its prime but still pretty impressive all the same.




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It is also the biggest collection of just about everything, massive vintage car and motorbike museums (over 500 individual vehicles), huge collection of emergency vehicles through the ages, collections of formal clothing wear from the semi royal household from the 1700’s onwards.

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We Finally Found a Moose.

From here we had another rather desperate find of an ATM to cash up again before crossing the rather impressive 20km bridge (includes the longest suspension span in the middle) before paying the hefty 365 kronr bridge toll once we were across, had to be under 7m and 3500kg to get at this cost goes up rather quickly after this.

We have another couple of castles to visit as well as the Viking ship museum at Rosklide before getting to Copenhagen so are heading in the direction of Fredensborg.

Unfortunately, Jacinda has reverted to some bad habits today that for some reason have us going in some really stupid ways of getting places. When we program we are given 4 options to choose from and generally choose option easiest.

Today for some reason there is no way in hell that we have been going the “easiest” way. An example of this was we were instructed to turn left 400 mtrs ( N:B this means turning across traffic), OK that’s cool, looking at Jacinda’s screen she is then turning us right after another 100 mtres and then left again (across traffic) a further 50 mtrs. In real time at the 400 mtre mark there is a roundabout a further 50 mtres up the road which if you can picture it will get us onto the same road without turning across traffic.  Sounds a lot more confusing written down than in real life.

Managed to call into the Viking Ship Museum in Rosklide for an hour before it closed, this is the home to the 5 viking ships that were found in the waters of Rosklide Fiord in the 1960’s literally days before that area was to be dredged for oyster shells for chicken feed. They got to this watery grave in the late 11th century as they were sunk across a natural sailing channel to be part of a defensive barrier to protect the Royal Seat and Cathedral at Rosklide from Norwegian attack. From this has started a whole working restoration / recreation museum of the Viking Boats and Boatbuilding techniques.

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