Denmark Cont: 3rd & 4th Sept


Monday 3rd September

Planned out the last few weeks last night and made the most of cheap ferry prices through Direct Ferries back to the UK.

So we are crossing over on 1st Oct, so that means we have 29days to get through Denmark, back through Germany, The Netherlands visiting Matt Irvine and Adrian Kinloch who are both here working, through Belgium and get back to Paris as we still havnt managed to tick this one of yet and do want a few days here.

We have also done some research on Susie’s ancestry and found her great great grandfathers gravesite in Denmark ( Bishop Monrad, he was actually prime minister a long long time ago before emigrating to NZ), so will endeavour to visit this as well.

So with this in mind we are going to head south along the North Sea coast. On our map book this road was marked in green which is supposed to signify a scenic tourist route, obviously nobody reported back properly on this on as it has sand dunes on 1 side and estuary on the other with a windswept farm thrown in every now and then. Oh and the odd town also wind and sand blown for good measure.



However we did visit the Ravjed Mile, which is this huge sand dune that is gradually moving from 1 coast to the other at a rate of about 18meters per year, the strange or unusual part of this is that the whole dune is moving and vegetation is regenerating behind it. Evidently in the year 1700 it was at the North Sea coast and at it’s present rate will reach the other coast in the year 2250, there are going to be some pissed off locals who are going to have to move out of the way soon though. Amazingly fine sand though and even with only a slight breeze when we climbed it was moving with the breeze.



This is its rate of movement, the area with a little greenery is the last couple of years.

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Monday evening found us parked up once again on the coast just north of Esbjerg in the “hardstand area” of a campground and paying 100kronr for the privilege.

Two things happen in this area, 1 it is a full on summer beach camping area for what must be most of Denmark and ½ of Germany by the size of the campgrounds here, and 2, its right smack bang in the middle of a very large military training zone.

Quite freaky wandering back to Miss Stella from the beach on nightfall with the sound of machine gun fire coming from the bush areas surrounding you.

Amazing beach this one as well, very solid sand so is used as a road in fact there were 2 rather flash motorhomes parked up on the beach when we went for our walk, not us though. However we have now paddled in the North Sea as well. Will actually have to work out how many oceans we have camped beside.

The other reason we ended up here was for water fill, and we are getting rather short of gas and Denmark doesn’t fill LPG bottles and the normal ones to swap are only found in Denmark. However this campground stocks the German swap bottles which is the ones we have.  SORTED.

Tuesday 4th September

Across country today, a very foggy start though, we have really noticed the change to Autumn in the past week, nice clear days but the duvet is back on the bed, trees are just starting to change as well.

First up we visit the “giants of Esbjerg” 4 big white sitting men statues facing out into the North Sea, “yeah whatever” I felt the rather large oil drilling platform in dry dock was of more interest.



Heading inland towards the Islands of Zealand the country changes hugely with massive farming operations. Mostly arable with huge cattle barns, obviously all the cereal harvest is done and most of this area is now being resown into I guess cover crops for the winter, however maize silage is starting and the areas are massive as is the gear. This is machinery heaven, all big all new. We have seen the odd mob of cattle actually grazing but mostly shedded, (and these are big sheds).

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Reaching Odense just after lunch we manage to get the last available carpark in the long section at the Zoo (and we are the only motorhome) so things are looking up for a change in a city.

The trusty steads are bought out again and we have another pleasant cycle into the central city. Odense is the home to H C Andersen (Hans Christian Anderson), so we spend a couple of very pleasant hours doing the H C Andersen tour circuit of the city of Odense. His childhood homes and a rather interactive museum.





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