Laundry, Parking Tickets and another Ferry.


Thursday 30th August

So after 2 days of amazing Stave Architecture we camped in the ultimate freecamp environment last night on the outskirts of the town of Ulefoss in the middle of a paddock next to a Roman period church overlooking Lake Norsjo. Even had a Roe Deer Hind and her twins grazing in the paddock below us. A nice change after a last night under street lights and within hearing distance of a very busy train track.


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So Fridays plans are to visit the town of Porsgrunn and see if we can find what I think is a Laundry ( at least that is what Google says it is).

It was only about a 30 min drive and we certainly found what we were looking for by it was a drycleaners. However the lovely ladies who ran it washed dried and ironed our sheets and towels for us while we had a wander around this town.

A few aside issues while we were here,

  • Found the most amazing shop of true “Scandi design furniture and interiors” – lots of ideas for Shanley Road.
  • F@$%^&^E$ Parking ticket, an empty carpark by the drycleaners that is “gratis” for 4 hours on the sign “FREE”, because we are 7m long I had parked longways across 3 carparks out of the way and it was EMPTY. Still got pinged 600kroner to be internet paid within 3 months. Am going to write a winge letter on this one and see what happens.
  • When we took the ticket to the drycleaners to ask what we had done wrong, they must have felt sorry for us , and wouldn’t charge us for the washing, they also told us not to pay the fine and see if the Porsgrunn council is keen enough to follow us to NZ. Sounds a good plan but they might chase the ownership of Miss Stella down to the new owners, (would be a lovely welcome to the UK for them. Ha ha)


While we were waiting for laundry Google Maps had been getting a bit of a thrashing, 2 options have come up,

  • Plan A; continue on drive back down through Sweeden and cross the toll bridge into Copenhagen, 600km drive and 129euro toll on the Bridge.
  • Take the ferry from Larvik (10 minutes up the road) across to Hirtshals in the North of Denmark and then wander our way down to Copenhagen. 4 ½ hr ferry and 150 euro.

So anyway we turned right and caught the 5.30 ferry and by 10.00pm were parked up besude the beach in a carpark in Hirtshals, Denmark.

Interesting note these ferries all have “duty Free” on board and what a shopping mecca, really showed how expensive Norway is when the Boat outa there has everything from alcohol groceries meat and clothing.  (Sailing special 2 x 1l bottles of Baily’s for $45 NZ equivalent)

And the amount purchased on board was unbelievable especially beer and softdrinks (trays of “coke”cans).

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