Denmark, Jutland Coast


Friday 31st August.


The coastal port town of Hirtshals, Jutland Coast Denmark.

Seeing as we are now in Denmark we need Danish Currency, another EU country that doesn’t / want to use the Euro.

We are travelling with a preloaded currency card which makes life so easy, just using it like a normal debit card, however we could only load Pounds and Euro therefore we need to use local currency or else get wacked with exchange fees from the Euro on the card.

Seeing as the nearest Forex Bank is in Aalborg about 50km away we make tracks to here. Once again city parking haunts us and we end up doing a drivethrough to get our bearings on the off chance of an easy park but to no avail. Parking up at the zoo is always a good option and a pretty simple 2km cycle back into central city.  Love European towns and their love of cycling, cyclists have their own lane on the roads and come a very close 2nd to pedestrians in terms of road rules.

Finally got our cash flow sorted and had a good look around the central city including the most crowded  porcelain antique shop I think I have ever entered, so crowded I found it necessary to stay at the counter talking to the owner while Susie looked around her “nirvarna”. My excuse is I was carrying the backpack and just too dangerous to wander a shop like that with one of them on.

After spending way more time here than originally planned it was “outa here” time, fuelled up and groceried we were on our way North and finding a beachside campspot just South of the Town of Saeby just before dark.  (Which is getting earlier by the day again).


Saturday 1st September.

Awoken by numerous fishermen and dog walkers hang around at our spot for a bit before heading to Frederikshavn in search of a laundromat that we have found on Google Maps.

Frederikshavn is a port town that by the looks of it has a huge amount of oil and gas transferred either in or out of it, and it has a laundromat. And after a bit of pidgin English translation we manage to get 2 loads of clothes washed and dried. This is such a good feeling its one thing we really take for granted at home just chucking things in the washer whenever we need.

You have no idea what a pleasant experience this is.

From here we continue north to Skagen, Denmark’s most Northern Town and gateway to Grennan, the sandy beach where the two oceans meet. We had the most beautiful calm windless day which made the whole ocean thing a bit of an anti-climax, as they gently rolled together. On the plus side looking at the pine trees around here that grow to about 6 inchs above any natural contour shelter I don’t think it would be a very niece place to be in the wind.


The Northern Tip of Denmark


We walked, Cape Kidnappers needs to up its game on Machinery.

We got here the right day for a change as as of 1st September, summer season is over so all the parking is now free. We thought seriously about staying in the carpark at Grennan but wasn’t that flash so headed back down to a little secluded part of the beach just south of Skagen parking behind the sand dunes.


We decided to spend Sunday here as well and have a day not travelling, instead a very lazy day on the beach and a cycle back into Skagen for Fish and Chips for lunch before getting sidetracked as per normal on our way back to Miss Stella and visiting the famous “Buried Church” of Skagen. The story behind this got a bit lost in translation, but short version is a medieval church used to be here now its not, only the tower now painted white is.

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