Sognefjellet Route 55


Monday 27th August

Sognefjellet Tourist Route Highway 55.

Wow, what an awesome day, leaving our site by the river and heading into Lom to water up etc, we got our first surprise at Lom itself, this little town could be compared to the Ohakune of Norway, a hub for mountain activities, rafting and hiking in the Summer months and I would assume a winter playground in the whiter times.

The setting of this town is something else again nestled on the banks of a rather big river with a very steep rocky tributary running through its centre it is surrounded on all sides by towering hills, definitely a cold place in winter, wasn’t much warmer here today either.

The buildings themselves are pretty much all wooden and painted in very dark colours with the obvious white accents.




The Stave church is the obvious drawcard in town and sits proudly amongst very nicely manicured cemetery. This is the first of these churchs we have found and wasn’t even on my list of the ones to see. They are amazingly built and the colours of the wood are incredible.


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From here we set off into Highway 55, 108 km of narrow twisty road with a different view at every turn.

Starting with farms lining the valley then moving back into beech forests before climbing up to the main Alpine pass at 1400m asl (road that is), At this stage we are back into a winter world with a bit of fresh snow on the ground, this area is the 12month training facility of Scandinavian ski teams. Unfortunately cloud cover prevented a view of the 3 main peaks that frame this area but still pretty magnificent.








From here we lost altitude very rapidly, with a 12km stretch of rather steep switchback road to reach the valley floor again. Back into a small farming community before the road then hugs the Fjord for another 60kms, this is true Fjord country with the narrow road essentially the only flat place that has been carved out of the hill.








Any road works here are quite different as they escort you through, especially the tunnels, so it is nothing to have a 20min wait. Not a road to be in a hurry on.

So at the end of 108km we get to the little town of Sognel and find the cheapest diesel we have had in Norway to date. From here we had 1 more ferry crossing and joined a few other campers in the town of Leadeal. (Where the supermarket chain is called “Kiwi”).




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