Trondheim to Lom

The colored Buildings Lining The Main Canal in Trondheim

Sunday 26th August

Oh what a difference the sun makes. Not a completely fine day  but certainly an improvement on the last week.

It was needed as I think the eek of rain along with the shear scale of distance through Norway was having a bit of a downer on our travel mood. We had travelled a hell of a long way to see some pretty special places and to have that thwarted by the weather I guess is just travellers luck. At least we arnt in a tent like a couple of French girls who are hitch hiking up Norway and set their tent up in the carpark by us the other night.

We had planned to bike around the Centre of Trondheim this morning with a visit needed to the Info Centre to get more info on the Southern Norway Tourist Routes which we have picked up on.

A horrible cold rain period sort of put a bit of a dampner on this idea and the Info Centre wasn’t a lot of use either, they are all about the Northern part of Norway. It is very hard to find info on the south at this stage.

Anyway lets wing it, its worked pretty well so far.

We have got a bit of a loop route down into Southern Norway which will cover a lot of the sights we have read about before skirting underneath Oslo, back into Sweden and down to Copenhagen.

Todays route took us from Trondheim on the E6, with a heap more tolls before we got out of the cities clutches and an easy 250km to the town of Dombas. From here we turned onto the Highway 15 and followed the river to the town of Lom. This is the gateway to the Highway 55 Tourist Route Sognefjellet, which will take us across Northern Europe’s highest mountain pass underneath Norway’s 3 highest peaks.

Rather Impressive Farm House and wintering barn.

Most of todays trip has been through lovely farming valley’s, mostly beef and dairy, that is until we moved into the Douvre National Park and our vista changed to true alpine barrenness complete with fresh snow on the tops. Not sure what is it about military and their need to put their training bases in these godforsaken cold places but just like the central Plateau NZ, there is one here as well. Only difference seems to be these vehicles are pretty much all snow cats.





Like all things that go up we then headed back down the other side and once again into intensive farming in the valley’s. Silage season is full on and tractors everywhere, the amount of machinery each of these farms has is incredible and most of it pretty new, this is obviously a good farming system or heavily subsidized as the stock numbers arn’t big plus the fact they are wintered for 7 months of the year.



We are now into the Stark style of building, which is the traditional log cabin base with amazing styled roof lines. Lots of dark painted buildings with white gables and window frames etc. The church’s are of the same style and the one here in Lom where we are staying tonight is the first of the true Stark style that we have read about.

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