Top of the World.


Monday 20th August

Well maybe not quite “top of the world” but certainly as far north on sealed roads as you can get in Europe.


This was one of my bucket list things to do along with seeing the Northern Lights, unfortunately the northern lights arnt going to happen in 2018 as we are too early and still have a bit to see in Central Europe yet.

However after driving 1400km up through Finland’s trees Nordkapp was definitely going to be seen in one form or another.

In my mind we were going to stand under the Globe with our Silver Fern Flag and wave at some other tourist taking our photo for us, before marveling at the amazing view out to sea towards the Polar Ice Cap with perhaps a Pod of Whales swimming below us around North Cape.

This was what I had in my mind !!

In Reality :…….

We couldnt even find anybody to take our photo together !

By Jeez it was cold, we left the bottom carpark shortly after 9.00am, planning to be parked up in top Carpark before 10,00am when the Ticket Booth opened. Part 1 of the master plan worked well however even parked as one of the first in the carpark we couldnt see the visitor centre 50 mtrs in front of us.


Still we’ve come this far, literally from the other end of the earth,

so I am still going to see this and get my photo taken.

Been There done that, and we have bought the T-shirt.

Spent a hour wandering around the museum up there and then back to Miss Stella and turned her South in the direction of Home.

Our Photos looking out to sea.

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Interesting fact from the museum, which had quite a big display about the role Nordkapp, the Arctic Circle Fjords of Norway, played in WWII. And they have a heap of photos on the wall of Nordkapp when the visibility is what I had in my head. (So we took the photos of these instead for file purposes.)

It was in incredibly vital sea route through to the Top of Russia for the Allies and therefore as much important for the German Navy to prevent this happening.

Over 6000 seamen lost their lives in these brutal waters over those 5 years, and included the loss of 2 German Battleships and their entire crews.

Anyway: we are on our way home, feels weird but actually quite excited about this as well, just on 2 months and we will be back in NZ.

We have suddenly realized how big Norway is as well and there are going to be some big evenings driving especially when we hit Southern Norway, alot to see in the Northern parts first though.

Once leaving Nordkapp we pretty much have a drive day and have our sights set on Alto for tonight’s break. Lots of scenic photo stops on the way and get to a very quiet Side of the road area by about 6.30pm. The day didn’t quite go straight forward on the navigational front as we were busy video chatting to friends in NZ and somehow missed the major turn off , “actually onto the same road number” and carried on straight ahead, 50km’s later reaching the town of Hammerfest, one of the Northern most deepsea ports, and suupliers of bulk natural gas and the First town in the world to have electric street lights. Now as this is one of those roads that ends in the sea we have no option but to retrace our steps to find the “E6” again. We did cross a pretty amazing bridge and saw some big mobs of Reindeer though, TWICE.

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Settling in with a wine before dinner, we hear the sound of “bells” looking out we have Reindeer in our Garden and one of them is white. Susie has spent the day trying to get a shot of a white one to no avail and now we have one grazing in our backyard.


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