Norway and Nordkapp


Sunday 20th August

Its Raining, in fact its bloody wet. Still we have decided to push on into Norway and head towards Nordkapp and overnight somewhere up there. If its fine will visit tonight and if not hopefully will be fine in the morning for a visit. Third option is as every third visitor who gets there we get photos of mist.

Might just have to buy the t-shirt.

We have contemplated following the road that we have camped on through the “outback” as it comes back onto Highway 92 which is the one we need to Norway, however with it raining and the fact it turns to a dirt road for about 12km’s, logical thinking and commonsense take hold and we stick to tarseal.

Miss Stella makes it across another unmanned EU border and immediately u-turns and comes back across to a service station and supermarket we saw out of the corner of our eyes.


Having had so many warnings about the cost of things in Norway we want to go across with as much on board as possible, even here in the Village of “Karigasniemi Geregasnjarga”, (you imagine writing that as your home address too many times” the fuel cost is 1.46 euro  (it was 1.22 in the bottom of Sweden).

Back across the border and head towards the town of Karasjol where there is a Campervan service point so we can water up and “greywater” down. Finland has been interesting no problem getting fresh water, you are able to hook up at most service stations, however getting rid of waste is not as easy. Not sure if entirely appropriate but we have been watering trees with our grey water as much as possible especially through the dry summer parts of Europe, but “Number 1’s and 2’s” has not been as easy. Certainly been making the most of public “WC’s” in places we stop at, with limited on board activity allowed.

That didn’t quite go where I had planned it in my head for this update, so to get back on track.

Already some noticeable difference’s between Finland and Norway, as so as we crossed the border and the rather large River Inarijoki, we where into an area of what looked to be good farming, and sheep scattered around.

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When I say scattered around I mean it literally, they are just wandering everywhere, including all over the road, so having got used to keeping an eye out for Reindeer, we now have to avoid sheep as well.

Also we now have hills, and it is so much nicer driving through trees when the road is above most of the trees, much more scenic, and Autumn has arrived with quite a lot of leaf color on the birch trees already.



After a good run through, (still raining) we had a lunch stop in the Village of Olderfjord, this is where the road to Nordkapp starts and returns to.

Talking to the guy behind the counter in the souvenir shop he says rain for all of today and clear tomorrow, uncertain about the “top of Europe” 100km’s away. So we push on.



This road even with it being wet would have to be one of the highlights of the trip to date, absolutely stunning scenery, I am assuming from photo’s and guidebooks that it is not as steep as what we are to experience further down the coast, but the mix of rocky/stoney slopes leading out of these little fishing villages is quite amazing. A rather large tunnel that goes under one of the fijords, 7km long and was quite a weird experience descending at a 10 degree angle for the first 3km before a rather steeper climb back to daylight.


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It is still raining but we are experiencing more clear periods and especially so when we reach the town of Honningsvag 25km from the North Cape, so we push on with our original plan to stay tonight in the carpark about 7km from the main Nordkapp carpark and then reassess it in the morning.

The reason for this “lower carpark” is financial, it is free, whereas the main one is around 55 euro to stay the night.  ( Sounds like Switzerland again). About 10km from the top we start the climb up onto the cape and the weather has really packed it in, I think this is pretty typical “pea soup” fog and am having to really consider putting on long trousers.


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