Inari & Sami Culture


Saturday 18th August

Its raining and has rained all night, but just as we head off From Luosoto it starts clearing, a couple of photo stops for Reindeer again before we are back onto the E75 Highway and heading  North again towards Inari.

Lots and lots of motorbikes on the road today, and when we stop at a Gold mining Museum the carpark is full of roadbikes of all shapes and sizes and corresponding leather clad riders.

Deciding that this much like Arrowtown NZ we push on and stop in the small ski-town of Saariselka, and the reason behind all the bikes is found. It is a huge bike rally going on here for the weekend.

The other amusing thing today is that Jacinda the Navman is not that accurate on what she is seeing versus what we are seeing in real life especially lakes. (which are quite big blue things).




We have come into this area thinking we may be able to take advantage of some sort of wilderness trip, but it is essentially all shut down for summer and pretty much caters for the winter activities only.

Never mind Miss Stella is pushed onto Inari with hundreds of bikes going in all directions around us, out of all these bikes on the road there are only 2 instances of stupidity, 1 where a woman passing a car in front of us must have frozen and panicked not getting back into her lane and literally passed between 2 cars on the centre line. And only 1 bike was blatantly speeding, It is really amazing there just doesn’t seem to be any hurry around here.

Inari, not what I expected at all, A lot of the literature talks of it being the Home of the Sami culture in Finland. There is a really good museum there that shows a lot of the Sami history and Culture but other than that Inari is essentially a couple of tourist shops a garage and a supermarket.

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The other thing is there is nowhere to camp here, the first no camping signs we have come across in Finland. Looking at park4night there are a few spots going north so we head that way.

Finding a little lake down a side road suited our purposes perfectly for the night except for the man-sized mosquitoes here


More Bilberries for my Muesli.

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