66 32′ 25″ The Arctic Circle


Thursday 17th August,

Waking up in Oulu to a few trucks rumbling into the carpark and a bit of activity got us wondering what is going on.

Sure enough another “summer Festival” of some form being set up for the weekend and we are asked to be out of the carpark by midday, no problems.

Had a good gossip to another couple of campers over a cup of tea this morning, a young German guy who is spending 3 months touring around in a little van-car and another lovely Swiss Couple who have been to New Zealand about 3 times and beyond Auckland.

Oulu is quite a decent sized town but has a history of getting wiped off the map, first in the late 1800’s by fire and again during WWII  as it has quite a big steel manufacturing plant  and associated industries.

However not a bad place with the usual collection of shops and the obligatory open market, not too tourist orientated.

Decided here would be a good place to set ourselves up with cash for Norway, (Norwegian Krona 1euro = 8.8 Krona) so now have a wallet full of high denomination notes again, we also took the opportunity to get rid of the left over Swedish money and some Swiss we had been left with.

Note to selves and others the Foreign Currency places such as Forex Bank don’t change the small value coins, so you really need to use them as you go, Buy sweets and chocolate at the end or donate them to charity boxes.

Getting back to Miss Stella just before midday to find the area security fenced off and  more trucks waiting to be unloaded, time to hit the road.

We have our eyes set on the Arctic Circle today and the town of Rovaniem with Santa Claus Village just north of this.


Standard Swedish Road, Trees and Trees and an easy drive through to Rovaniem a quick drive around and not much here to report other than it is the home to the Digital game of “Angry Birds” onto “Santa Claus Village” and the Arctic Circle at 66.32.35.

A wee bit of a wander around before it all shuts for the day and we retire to the warmth of Miss Stella, unfortunately somebody forgot to tell the daylight it was time to turn off and at 10.30pm I am still wandering around in daylight. Fortunately Miss Stella has good blackout slides (remember we found these way back in Germany)and along  with about 20 other MOHO’s are parked up behind Santa Claus’s Summer Residence.  Ya-hoo, we might meet Santa Tomorrow.



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