Next stop Finland

Sunday 12th August.

So plans changed, waking up to a wet morning wasn’t really that appealing in regards to standing around getting the close up view of the changing of the guards so we have decided to move a bit earlier and wander our way towards the ferry terminal in Kappelskar.

A couple of stops along the way when the brown tourist information signs appear and a grocery stop, we arrive in Kappelskar, this is truly a Swedish backwater with really only the port happening here, in fact you drive to the end of the road and you fall into the sea.


We have arrived about 4.00pm (still raining) and realise that there is an overnight ferry sailing at 9.30pm. This could be an opportunity to get across earlier and not spend a wasted day on the water.

As I said not a lot happens here until 2 hours before a ferry sailing, and there is only about 2 of them a day for each of the 2 companies that sail out of here, so at 7.30 we rock up to the terminal and try and plead our case for a sailing tonight. Unfortunately it is not going to happen as we are using Direct Ferries for all our crossings via the web and they have special pricing, (ours was 125euro vs 300euro normal pricing). So a night in the carpark it will be then. This isn’t too much of a problem, as I said before things only happen here twice a day, 9.30pm and then 9.15am.

An easy load onto ferry Monday morning, along with about 50 trucks a dozen campers and 20 odd cars, this is only about ½ the number of trucks that came from Finland on the off load.


This ferry crossing has a stopover at the Island group of Aland, which is another popular local summer holiday spot, my thoughts are how desolate it must be here in the winter though, especially as the main ferries dont stop here then.

As you can see by the truck deck it’snot exactly a busy day onboard.

Now a couple of things we now know about these long trip ferries:

  • You can plug your MOHO into the electrics onboard , which keeps the fridge cold. We did not know this until seeing everyone else doing it, so visited the “purser” onboard explained that this option is not available where we come from on the “interislander” and could we do this. No problem he calls up the guys on the car deck tells us to go back down and get a lead and says when we come back up that will be 5 euro. All good until we realise the power socket is the standard euro 2 prong plug and we are using the standard camping 3 prong. No problems the nice guy goes and gets one of those for us as well. Then to top it all off the purser smiles and says no charge.
  • On these long distance ferries most people book a cabin for the duration, once again didn’t know this, however not a problem because most of the other passengers had and we pretty much had the lounge to ourselves.
  • IT is free food, that is 2 meals for the trip, 1 straight away “brunch” and the other about 7 hrs later “dinner”. Now we had had breakfast before boarding so didn’t really feel like a plate full of ferry food for “brunch” but certainly made the most of the dinner.


Anyway after 8 hrs of reading playing cards visiting “dutyfree” 1l baileys 20euro. And a meal arrive in Naantali, Finnland.

Thanks to “park4night app”  GPS 60.4748  22.023899 found an easy campsite at a small harbour about 5minutes off the ferry and continued the day of nothing.

High seas traffic, sister ship  going the other way.


Our view for the night

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