The Road To Stockholm

Interesting things you find in the middle of Roundabouts

Thursday 9th August,

Bit of a road trip today, quite a few km’s to tick off so as we can get into Stockholm on Friday evening for the weekend there.

However before we get going we are doing the mall thing at a rather large shopping centre we passes on the way into Orebro.

Fashion 101 with Susie and the Girls back in NZ on FB messenger, quite a lot of laughs involved with this as the winter clothes coming into these stores resemble the 60’s and 70’s, especially the jackets.

I hope this is just a Scandinavian thing but will be interesting to see what happens down under in 12 months time, ”its not pretty”.

The other thing I found was the woman sleeping in the car (pretty sure refugee heritage but not certain where from) is parked up outside the supermarket  begging. Would have been interesting to see where the other three members of the group are at. Sweden does seem to have a large population of “non Swedish ethnicity” and I think has quite a high refugee intake

Once we hit the asphalt again we made the most of the “b Type” roads on our way towards Vasteras and then on to Enkoping where we overnighted on one of the wharf’s.

On the way we stopped in at Julita Manor, which is basically an open air museum depicting how a large farm estate would have looked and operated in the early 20th century. The last private owner Arthur Backstrom donated the estate  (2200 ha) to the Nordic Museum in 1941. The exhibitions here tell of Swedens agricultural and horticultural history. It was actually very well done and revolves around an obviously large working modern day farm as well.

Julita Manor House
Crofters Cottage

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This is actually quite naturally infertile land and a lot of the museum dealt with how before the use of chemical fertilisers the crop rotations were handled so as man and beast could survive the winters.


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It is all about producing enough conserved feed during the summer months and storing this successfully to be fed indoors during winter months.

Present Day Farm managers House

The other thing noticeable here in Sweden is the number of horses and horse trucks and floats on the roads, hasn’t been as noticeable through the rest of Europe but every second farm just about has an arena of some form.

Friday 10th August.


Rest day, we are actually quite road weary, having travelled most days and seeing as only have 80km to get into Stocholm we will spend a quite morning parked up here before driving into Stockholm later this afternoon.


So plan for the morning was for me to get a haircut, thought this would be easy as Enkoping has bucket loads of hairdressers and English is certainly the second language here.

First of all most of the hairdressers are shut for some reason, must be a meeting. But finally found one, sit in the chair and discuss what is needed with words and 4 fingers up for  a “number 4”. So off she goes with a blow up the back of my head and holy shit there’s a lot of hair coming off, by half way through the second blow realise something has been lost in translation, by this stage Susie is wetting herself laughing and the poor lady was quite upset.

She thought I meant a 4millimeter, I was used to the #4 stamped on the back of our combs which is about 4x this length.

Anyway I am now the proud wearer of a military style short back and sides and styled “topknot”. They say it is only 10days between a good shearing and a bad one and the next cut should be uber cheap as will only have to cut the top.

Dont worry the Mohawk was extra cause of the wax crap she finished off with.

Susie wasn’t keen to have the lady cut hers so shes growing hers out for a bit longer, and unfortunately every time she looks at me now she starts laughing.

Then into Stockholm, an easy drive on the motorways with not too much traffic, we head in and make our way to the Langholms RV park (GPS: 59.32059 18.03389  = 35 euro/24hr) and after finding it pretty much in the centre of Stockholm it is chocka block full. They give us the address of another camping ground about 9km away so make our way to a suburb of Brendang. This is about 30 euro/24hr and about 700m from the underground station, 20mins from Central Station.

Tolls, Stocholm city tolls are on certain parts of the roads and central city areas, essentially a clean air toll. However the payment is by license plate photography and invoiced to database ownership.

So this will be very interesting to see what arrives at my cousin Robins place back in Milton Keynes UK. Have flicked him an email to give him the heads up. Hoping not too big a surprise awaits us in the post.

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