Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th August

The thing about cities is that you have every intention of using as much public transport as possible and a plan, but you still walk for bloody miles.

With Miss Stella nicely parked up in Bredang Camping, it is an easy pedal on the trusty steeds to the underground station at Bredang, 144Kr later we are armed with a return pass to Central Station, Stockholm.

We have a bit of a must see list here most of it based around the Royal Palace on the Island Gamla Stan.



Stockholm is very much like Venice just with bigger waterways and built on decent rocky islands so things don’t lean. We have opted for the Hop On Hop Off Boat ride as it takes in all the islands that have something that we have on our list.

The changing of the guard is at 12.15 today so decide to do the Royal palace tour first, that includes the treasury, royal apartments etc. Now as everybody has been quite rude about the “Crown Jewels” being stolen at the same time we hit Sweden we were somewhat suppressed to find all the cases in the Treasury full of sparkly stuff, “or just good replica’s”. So curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask about the “great crown jewel theft”. Evidently they are the funeral crown and jewels that were stolen and these had been kept in another cathedral. And they still have no idea where they are. Evidently if it had been the main ones things would have been a lot more serious, and I would have to agree would have to be pretty good to get the main Royal Jewels out of where they are kept.

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The Tour included a good wander around the royal palace, and unfortunately we lost track of time and wernt able to get sideline spots for changing of the guard at 12.15. Still saw a bit of this on the outskirts and this really proved how stupid and ignorant some “tourist groups” when the roads are trying to be kept clear so the horses can exit the parade ground, these dumb ass camera touting “groups” basically ignore the guards and continue to stand on the road.

The rest of the day was spent street wandering and treating ourselves to pretty much our first Restaurant Meal for a late lunch. A couple of antipasto plates and a local Honey Beer and Wine, a very pleasant place and lovely meal. Highlights in particular, the homemade Pork Sausage, the Chillied Prawns and the Moose Lasagne. ( havnt seen one yet but have now tasted it).


By the time we were heading back to Central station the evening and night time revellers were making their appearance as well as a very increased security presence.

Because we missed the changing of the guard parade, we plan to get back into the Roayal place tomorrow for the 1.15 change, before making our way out of the city and to the port of Kapellskar for the ferry to Finland on Monday morning.

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