Gota Kanal


Wednesday 8th August

“Locking” time was set for 9.00am this morning so we spent a bit of time watching a handful of yachts making their way either up or down the lock system here at Berg Sussler, takes about an hour to get through the 4 lock system and 1 ½ for the seven set. This was followed at 10.00am by the Tourist Ferry heading upstream for its daily trip to Borensberg about 20km away.Wednesday 8th August

The trusty steeds were released again this morning for a good ride up the towpath following the ferry towards Borensberg, I had thought if we had been keen we may have gone the whole way and caught the ferry back, but soon realised that we are considerably faster than the ferry and its getting rather hot today.




So instead we pack Miss Stella up and hit the road, taking in the cute village of Borensberg  on the way towards the city of Orebro on the shores of Lake Hjalmaren where we have overnighted in the carpark next to a little swimming lake and the beach volleyball courts. Quite a few motorhomes here along with a couple of families long term car sleeping by the looks of things.


Today had to fuel up as well, a bit of a novelty putting 1000 worth of fuel in a vehicle (Kr that is).






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