Sweden; Land of Volvo’s, and lots of other surprises!


Thursday 2nd August,

Unfortunately by the time I had finished updating the Blogg the morning had slipped away a bit and it was 11am. Needing a water fill was one of the reasons we choose this rather noisy camper park  and arriving late last night had decide to leave water fill until the morning. Surprise surprise , by the time we get underway the shed to the water supply is locked and no one around to unlock. This poses a possible dilemma because on Park4night there doesn’t seem to be an abundance of service points through Sweden.

Obviously better planning for the next stage is required.

So with that not sorted, we will carry on with a high degree of hope that we run across something later today.

Arriving into Trellebourg Harbour, this must be a beast of a thing to steer in a howling Baltic Sea gale.

First things first though a trip to the Trellebourg Info centre and now armed with a few to-do books about southern Sweden, we have a wander around Trellebourg. Reality Trellebourg is pretty much about the Port and gateway to Germany and other areas of Scandinavia.

There are old wooden ruins that have been restored, that show a part of the Viking heritage of this area, Interestingly enough the Viking dated stuff makes the Early European communities through France Germany etc look positively modern.


After fuelling both Miss Stella and the cupboards, we are heading in a westerly direction following the coast for a while. Aiming for a “recreated working Viking village” at Hollviken thinking this could be worth a look as it comes pretty highly starred in all the Tourist info.

Once there however with quite a hefty entrance fee it looks rather staged, and as it is high holiday season lots and lots of families with young kids. Many of the young lads are coming out with brightly painted wooden shields so our suspicions are proven that we may give this one a miss.

Funny how you have preconceived ideas, but I had always totally associated the Vikings with The Netherlands and Norway, but I suppose in there is not much distance between the three and they were a pretty adventurous bunch of people.

HOWEVER, there is a service point here with fresh water so not a totally wasted trip. And we have met 2 people this morning who have family in New Zealand (actually in Auckland but we will take it) the NZ on Miss Stella does get seen.

So the plan “Sweden Ver 1” is to wander up the west coast to Gottenburg then cross country to Stockholm before continuing North.

Staying on the E6 motorway we have passed through Halmstad and turned to the beach of Tyrosands for our proposed campsite for tonight, we manage to find this one easily enough and pitch up in a very pleasant carpark about 50mtrs from the beach.



The coast is very rocky around here but big smooth rocks that lend themselves to sitting on and watching the world go by.

A small sand beach here as well and inviting enough for me to venture a swim, Susie dabbled her toes, it is nice to be back on a beach with a modest population again, no nudies here. However they do have their own habit and that is wearing of dressing gowns down to and home from the beach as it seems many come down for a swim before heading home for the evening.

Friday 3rd August


After a great quiet and dark night (no street lights) we venture out on the trusty steeds to explore some trails that lead to the main beach of Tyrosands, before a  couple of hours sitting in the sun on our beach.



Hitting the road around midday we wind our way to Falkenburg, a bit of a disappointment here as well, as the History they describe are a few ruined ruins. Seems that when they have redeveloped their cities architecturally, it is clean knock down and then rebuild with “BRICK”.


The rural buildings and farms however are very orderly and tidy, these guys are really struggling. The drought is really taking its toll, lowest recorded rainfall in the May – August period in 200 years. Fire and water restrictions in force and crops look terrible. Obviously low yielding grain crops and the maize is hardly even fence high, and beet crops have pretty much lost all their top already.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The effects on the trees (and Sweden seems to have a lot of trees) looks to be huge as well with swaths of brown trees spread through all the bush areas.


North of Halmstad is a lake area that we have identified as our night stop, so we make a bee line for that, a lovely quiet spot about 5 other campers and quite a few locals in the swimming area.

Including Mogli, from the Jungle Book;


We have also met “Erik” the ultimate Viking:

Candid photos and no he wasn’t looking at us

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