Gottemburg’s Southern Archipelago


Sunday 5th August.

1 of the highlights of Gottemburg are supposedly the Islands of the southern archipelago that lie just off the coast and are plied by a very regular and efficient ferry service. Taking the tram from where we are parked to Saltholmen, the ferry terminal, is a 20 minute trip through residential Gottemburg.


The ferries are all included in the 24hr travel pass we had purchased yesterday (16Kr/24hr). So very easy, in fact so easy nobody has checked our passes, no turnstiles either so at the end of the trip we still had un-activated travel cards which we “played forward” to a new camper in the park.

It was a pleasant way to spend a day wandering between rocky islands on a ferry, disembarking at a couple of them for a wander around and a “bought lunch” before the replay return journey. Good photo opportunities but too cold for a swim.




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Now its time to get out of Gottemburg before the “Emission Tolls” kick back in for Weekdays, these are done automatically and an invoice sent to the address of Vehicle Registration, which for us Is my cousins in the UK. Not an easy outcome so better to avoid if possible.

Once again water is required on board and “old water” required off board, so that is tonights requirement for a site. The first one programmed in and found just off the A40 is a complete failure and is purely a rest area, the second another 70km on and past Boras looks good on the App. A small lakeside town of Ulricehamm, however we have arrived at the end of what is obviously a very busy concert weekend and the camperstop is fenced off and the whole area is covered in rubbish from a big weekends festivity.

There is however another unserviced carpark about 1km down the lake, so that is where Miss Stella has ended up. Tomorrows mission “services”.


No cars on these southern islands.



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