Goteborg (Gottenburg)


Saturday 4th August

Miss Stella is heading to Gottenburg (Goteborg), an easy trip up the E6 and a parking area by the ferry port. We have been warned not to let the parking ticket lapse as they are reasonably “officious here” and hand out some decent fines, Malcom in his Concorde (very large MOHO) had been parking across 2 spaces in another park and had been wacked 800Kr (about 80euro), another 1 where we had parked had a yellow ticket on its windscreen for 600Kr.



Caravans and Motorhomes in all shapes and sizes come off Ferries.

The parking is cheap however, once you get the hang of how the hours work. It’s a case of paying the cheap night parking with 1 payment (2Kr/hr) and then the day parking with a day ticket (60Kr/day), unfortunately this all has to be done on card payment so is going to be interesting to see the debit card charges in a couple of days.

Saturday Afternoon.

An easy tram ride into central Gottenburg, where we wander the shopping centre in the New City for a bit, before continuing across the canal and through the “Old City”, it is a nice city but even the Old City is modern compared to rest of Europe. We’ve been spoiled with History up until now I guess.


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