The Baltic Coast, Germany



Berlin To Rugen

Sunday 29th July.

Even with it being a Sunday Berlin looks so busy, so after a bit of discussion and general lack of enthusiasm we decide to give it a miss, and make the most of easy Sunday travel to continue northwards.


Somehow our exit from Berlin still managed to take us through the centre.

Have got a couple of days up our sleeves before ferry crossing we are keen to find a beach and chill out for a couple of days.

So looking at the trusty map book we decide to travel to the island of Rugen as it isn’t that far from Rostock where we ferry from.



This was actually a pleasant drive with only 1 forced detour to contend with. Once again European construction at its best with a massive bridge linking the island with the mainland. We are into the old East Germany now and it is so different in terms of older buildings and architecture, even the little villages have these big concrete apartment blocks, plain brick church’s and very little ornateness anywhere.

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Being Sunday the traffic coming off the island was heavy, so thinking heaps of places to park up here.



There has been a road sign in Germany that has been a matter of intrigue and intense discussion for a while now, so today we were determined to find out a bit more about it. Unfortunately it sneaks up on you and it is actually very hard to remember the letters in a foreign word. Anyway today was the day, after several ( lots) of attempts at writing the letters down as we go past, (including “you get the last 4 letters I’ll get the first 2 etc) we wern’t getting it. LIGHTBULB moment lets take a photo of it, which is really dumb on our part as Susie is good a photographing roadsigns to show where we have been.


So after processing through Google Translate, (the 3rd wheel of our travel relationship) it equals  “Protected water Area” , a bit disappointing really after all that.

This island is quite big in reality, and a lot of big arable farms here as well, heavy Sunday traffic and large tractors with grain carts arnt the best mix.

Have decided to head to the far end of the island to the beach village of Thiessow.


This is summer holiday mode at its best, a lot of people in the area, beaches are very busy and the carparks are full.

We manage to find a great little spot in a camperpark about 50mtrs from the beach for 7euro/night (2nd night free as the owner decided the language difficulties wernt worth the hassle).

It has got very hot now and most of Europe seems to be in the grip of this heatwave with another severe heatwave predicted in the next week to 10 days. But an awesome thunderstorm again, not much rain but heaps of noise and light.

When your camper is just not big enough.

Now the beaches<<<<<<

Clothing is optional, and no real area designation, bikini’s and speedos are the norm but a lot of nothing as well. There is also no really distinction between “togs togs undies” areas either. Speedos in the main street is OK.

Sun umbrellas have been replaced by these little fold out sun shelter things and you can hire the little seats for about 2.50 euro/hr.

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So a couple of days here chilling out before we head back to the mainland and follow the coastal route around to Ribnitz on Tuesday.

This whole area is mostly big sandy beaches and little seaside villages filled with holiday homes, hotels, cafes and tourist shops.

The beaches themselves are very much set up for swimming through the use of massive fences out into the water, these I think protect the sand and also cut down on the wave erosion, very effective.


What we really did love in this area are the thatched roofs.

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A very hot night in Ribnitz at the village Aire, spent a bit of time in the afternoon on Miss Stella R & M, with a visit to the local hardware store, needed some silicone to fix a crack in the shower floor, some superglue to glue our window back into place and a new plug for the sink as the old one has disappeared out with the rubbish we think.  “Man shopping”.


Wednesday 1st August

So with a 2.30 ferry on Wednesday, 1.30 check in have another lazy morning catching up with Blog etc before getting on the road for a 1.30 check in.

The ferry terminal in Rostock is like 20km away so allow ourselves 1hr to get there.

WE are using the B105 road which is straight through, planning on a quick couple of stops for grocery and fuel. About 2km in we are at a standstill, no panic normal traffic light scenario assumed.

20mins later have travelled about 1km and distance to go is reading 17km, another 20min after a brief period of 70km/hour forward momentum we have 15km to go. Present forward momentum vs time left on the clock does not equal a 1.30 check in and as we don’t have cancellation/missed ferry insurance on this sailing, concern is raising its head.

After missing ( not being decisive enough) 1 alternate option, ( side roads not even in the map book but on my phone) we decide “have to chance the next one”, so its back to navigation 101 and ignore the constant “do a uturn at the first possible instance” coming from Jacinda, (the off button works well in these situations).

Alls well that ends well and we get to the Rostock ferry terminal at exactly ½ past 1.

Another incredibly busy place with ferries heading in every direction into Scandinavia.


6 & ½ hrs later and a bought meal, (quality almost exactly the same as NZ ferry) we have hit Sweden. Amazing piece of water the Baltic, a very busy shipping route as well many drilling platforms and huge windfarms, (in the middle of the sea).

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Goodbye Germany, see you again in a couple of months.

Once onto mainland Sweden we take the easy option and head for a camperpark just on the outskirts of Trellebourg Harbour. Obviously everybody else does as well including all the ones for tomorrows sailings as it is packed. And so noisy, the motorway is right behind us and trucks rumble in all night.

Now we are back in seemingly good internet am able to catch up with the blog and also have a decent planning session for the next stage of this amazing trip.


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