Wandering Through Barvaria

Not sure about a shave in this Barbers Shop

A Week wandering through Bavaria.

Made our booking for the Ferry to Sweden on Monday Morning, Rostock to Telleborg Wednesday 1st August, so have got about 9 days to wander our way up through Germany. No doubt as per usual we will get side tracked and end up having to do a 500km night trip to get there on time. This ferry trip is a 6 &1/2 hr trip so will be a good opportunity to catch up on WIFI things.

Also just about feel as though we are due to park up for a couple of days at a beach, seen a lot lately with quite a bit of travel, maybe the bottom of Sweden will give us that opportunity.

Monday 23rd July

Made our way out of Baden Baden basically in a loop back down through the Black Forest area towards Freudenstadt again, good views today but still pretty much forestry  and villages scattered through. Once down off the higher country the farms appeared again including quite a lot of dairy, (housed farms with cut and carry fodder).


Goal Today is to be at Castle Hohenzollern by 2.00pm for the English Tour. An easy castle to find as it stands out on a very prominent hill from just about every road in the area, actually getting to the entrance wasn’t quite as easy, with 1 time wasting detour down a road marked with the sign to the castle  ( at least we assumed it was) leading us essentially in completely the wrong direction.

Finally making it to the carpark we were told it would be unlikely we would have time to get up the hill by shuttle bus and a walk to the courtyard and be in time for the tour. Can we do it = Course we can. Didn’t quite realise the last walk was going to be quite as long and steep but got there with about 10min to spare.


Hohenzollern is probably the most “fairy tale castle” we have seen to date, and isn’t that commercialised. A lot of tourists yes but it is still a working castle “stately home” , the ancestral seat of the Prussian Royal family.

Still have to get from the carpark to top of the Hill.

Todays castle is actually the 3rd to have built upon this hill with the origins of the Hohenzollern dynasty being traced back almost 1000 years.

The tour, guided by the ultimate “officious” german accented English speaking Fraulin, was in fact very good and real value for money.

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The castle today as well as being a Tourist venue has hosted more than 13000 children and teenagers in the last decades who were invited to spend their holidays there.

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One thing that is noticeable is they are going to have to build another wall for the family tree as the tree painted on the wall in the entry way has run out of room and the present Prince and Princess have 4 young children.


A very pleasant few hours spent here before walking back down to the carpark down a very steep stepped path. Didn’t realise the bus trip up had been so steep.



Back into Miss Stella again and we decide on Riedlingen as our overnight destination about 70km away.

However we got distracted again in a town called Sigmanlingen because another impressive castle greeted us as we drove past. Another couple of hours in the evening spent wandering around here taking photos, this castle is the home to the other half of the family tree from the Hohenzollern Prussian Dynasty.




It is so neat to see these impressive buildings being lived in and looked after, especially as we travel and see so many ruins.

From here we made a bit of a mistake, not using Jacinda, because the signposting is pretty good on the whole, we jumped onto the road that we assumed was to Riedlingen, unfortunately we were on the road to Reutingen, which heads in totally the opposite way, after about 15minutes it just wasn’t feeling right so stopped and checked, found the above mistake and put our faith back in Jacinda to get us to the right place.

Tuesday 24th July.

Had a very pleasant wander around this cute little town, that sits very close to the start of the Danube river. Once again typical of this area the town buildings have amazing traditional scenes painted on them. And lots of cafes.

Just a pleasant day driving today, all back roads so lots of farming and lots of small villages.


Late in the afternoon we crossed our tracks from way back in May as we skirted Augsburg heading towards Dachau near Munich. Not bad really 10000 km and this is the first time we have done this.

Reaching Dachau late in the afternoon to find our overnight area, just a carpark set aside for a few campers sort of in the industrial area, unfortunately very close to the train tracks, and in the morning they were repainting the white lines for parking so was all go.DSC02972.JPG


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