Germany Take 2, Black Forest

Black Forest, Home of the cuckoo clock.

Saturday 21st July

Back into Germany

After a great couple of days in the Grindalweld Area, Switzerland  we moved on towards Basel, an easy drive on the  motorway, driving into Basel through the industrial area was such a change to what we have been around in the last few days.

Nek Minute we are in Germany, just shows the power of the EU community, where 1 city is in reality spread across 3 countries. So we ended up camping up beside the river in a very quiet spot all by ourselves in Germany.

Park4night site. 47.62440 7.57316. No services just parking, very quiet.

Seeing as we are in the vicinity of the Black Forest area, we have decided to wander our way through this area over the next couple of days before making our way up through Germany towards Berlin and then on into Sweden sometime around the 1st August, (this will depend upon a ferry booking).

Leaving our pleasant campsite first stop is Fuel and Supermarket, back in the land of cheaper stuff now. Fuel 1.22euro/l – 1.50/l. This was done in the city of Freiburg and from there I had a shit of a day on the navigation front missing intersections etc while trying to visit a castle in the town of Bonndorf, what had been planned as a drive through the more backroads ended up being a larger road, then the castle at Bonndorf either doesn’t exist or was missing for the weekend.



So to get back on track used the B33 (still just a medium road but with 130km/hr speed limit) to make our way up to Triberg.

Arriving here later Saturday afternoon, a lot of the tourists had moved on so we were able to borrow a bus park and have a wander around.


Triberg is the home to the Cuckoo Clock, and is played up for the tourist trade, with clocks and clocks and clocks. Getting late in the day so we backtracked a couple of kms to a camperpark at the start of the village. A quiet pleasant night with 1 other van in the park.

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Triberg is worth another visit so Sunday morning saw us back into the village and having a good look around. This was so cool as the clock makers who make their own unique pieces were open and is incredible to see the detail and skill involved in crafting some of these masterpieces is amazing. So much better than the massed produced stuff. Unfortunately talking to them a bit the craft is dying as they don’t have another generation of clockmakers or the wood carvers coming through, so the massed produced laser cut clocks will continue.

It is a cool little village but is so tourist orientated and by late morning is packed with buses, campers and general tourists.

I guess no trip to Triberg is complete without the stop a couple of km’s down B33 at the “worlds largest working cuckoo clock” unfortunately we struck it for the 1 oclock timing , and true to form only got 1 cuckoo, it was a bit of a case of “was that it”. Never mind got that photo.


Travel plan this afternoon is to drive the “Black Forest High Road” B500 from Freudenstadt through to Baden Baden.

To get to Fruedenstadt is a pleasant drive up the 294 through lots of stunning villages as the road follows a valley.

Passing through the village of Alpirsbach we find it is basically the beer festival of the local brewery, “Alpirsbacher Hopfenfest” an all weekend affair. A stop and visit is in order, now this is how you do a beer festival.


The village essentially surrounds the brewery, interesting though as it must be the water as no crops or hops grown around here. The place is humming with 2 stages and their bands changing as per timetable, big bars, heaps of food (sausages in any form you want them) and a great atmosphere.





NO DOOR CHARGE, NO OVERPRICED FOOD AND DRINK, NO MESS, GLASS NOT PLASTIC, NO DRUNK BEHAVIOUR ON SHOW.  Such a different culture. The raddler type beers are a firm favourite of ours so 1 of these was in order, unfortunately they only come in 500ml handles.

A very pleasant couple of hours listening to some great band music and wandering around. Also came across a very impressive glass blowing demonstration.



Once again haven’t got far  so we push on to the “High Road” destination, yes the weather was a bit cloudy but a bit disappointed about this road, pretty much a flowing windy road across the top of the forest, lots of spruce forest with the odd view point. Hiking and Biking Heaven.

Into Baden Baden where we need to turn back on ourselves as there is a must visit castle as we head towards Munich, and I know this one exists.

Unfortunately my phone is having some issues and for some reason it is not allowing me to use data on the odd occasion, which when trying to use parking apps is not good.

We know we are going the wrong way on the B500 still after going through a tunnel that takes you right underneath Baden Baden but are struggling to get off it. Finally we spot a caper park beside the road , now just need to get to it. The first attempt comes up against roadworks and closed road, but a bit of logical thought without digital input gets us there.

Miss Stella’s Big Brother


Park4night site, 48.782501  8.20357.  Cost of park = 12euro/24hr, water, elect by coin, free dump.

Think we have found our digital malfunction problem, we bought a phone holder for the dash a while back that involves a magnet and thinking this is playing havoc with the phone / SIM.

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