Interlaken & Grindalweld


Thursday 19th July

A morning spent in the campground this morning as has quite a lot of internet work to catch up on. Still trying to get insurance on the Flight changes with Air France coming over, and also with the upgrade of the Blog Site. We had been using the free version from WordPress but had managed to fill our allocation of cloud space on this so had to upgrade to an annual paid site.

As you may be noticing there are some changes, we can now post lots more photos and some videos, (promise not to bore you with heaps of crap though, and if it starts to get “off” please let us know.

We had also bought some new towels in Luzern yesterday that had to be washed, little thing to you all I understand but quite a big deal to us, we had bought towels way back in England when we set Miss Stella up and I think in hindsight we may have been a bit budget conscious. ( A bit tight in laymans terms). So anyway we have been struggling with towels that don’t dry properly which is not the best in any condition so we have upgraded.

Right back to the main story, hit the road about midday with objective Interlaken for basic grocery stop and a top up of Fuel if we can find some under 1.70chf/litre, (ranges from 167 – 180), remembering exchange rate is basically 2:1 so is not cheap.

This was a pretty standard Swiss Alpine road trip 70km with about ½ that in tunnels, everyone we go through we think come on NZ sort your shit out and get one of these through the Manawatu Gorge and Toll the Damn Thing.



Reaching Interlaken found our fuel, and bread and milk and set off to Grindalweld, a tourist village that sits underneath the Eiger and is home to the Jungfraujoch “train to the top of Europe”. We wernt actually too sure what our plan was here as had heard the train was very expensive and we had already been to the top of the Matterhorn Glacier, but all the tourist publications rave about the village anyway.

Grindalweld is only about 20km from Interlaken so not a big deal and is a much better /wider road than the one up to Zermatt.




Anyway at about 18km we passed the Feuz family (how do we know their name read on on this one) picking up their hay from a roadside paddock. This was too much for me and about 1km on I found somewhere to turn around and head back to say hello.


Parking Miss Stella up I wandered across the road and into the paddock and introduced myself, beginners luck Franziska could speak really good English and was able to translate for me to her Mum and Dad.


After a bit of a chat about each others farms etc, thanked them very much and went back to Miss Stella to continue our drive back up the mountain, just as we were about to pull out Franziska ran up to us asking for our Address and if she could visit us back in NZ AND did we want to come back to their house and barns to see them “put the hay away”, Hell Yes.

So we spent the next couple of hours at their place wandering around and chatting. Before heading back up to the Village for a wander around.

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Franziska advised us that if we were to do one walk up here to do the Eiger walk, which means taking the train from Grindalweld up to essentially the ½ way point of Kleine Scheidegg and then walk back down the trail, so we needed to suss this out for tomorrow.

Motorhome parking in Grindalweld is pretty hard to find and overnighting even harder with No Camping signs on all the parking areas.

A visit to the Information centre gave us some ideas but even scarier gave us some costings, 1 way trip for our proposed walk was 35chf/person, and a return trip to Jungfraujoch “which is a basin between the Monch and Jungfrau known as “the top of Europe” is 214chf/person. Unfortunately not in our budget. I think if we hadn’t already have had the Matterhorn experience we could have justified it but we went higher with way less people at the Matterhorn for considerably less money so are very comfortable with this.

Grindalweld is very busy with tourists, mostly middle eastern. Very different crowd to what have experience before.

The front face of the “Eiger” from Main street Grindalweld



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Cool place, been there seen it, decided that have better opportunity to freecamp in Interlaken as on park4night there are a couple of options posted.

Oh that’s right outside the Information centre there was an outdoor movie theatre so we managed to watch “Minons 3” in German (with English subtitles).

Once back down to Interlaken the freecamp sites are non existent mainly due to them being carparks and full. So it is the campground again.


Funny how things happen but we had just pulled into the campspot when we got an email from Franziska, (who had been on our blog) wondering if we would like to spend the day with them tomorrow and visit their cows in the Alpine grazing. Not much thought went into the answer of this one and tomorrows plans are changed.

A few more txts and its all planned, proper shoes and a raincoat were suggested  (we had been wearing jandals all day today at their place) and meet them back at their house at 10.00am.



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