Through the Passes to Luzern


Tuesday 17th July

Waking up in a carpark in the middle of a town always has its own little worries, have we slept in and are we now blocked in or even worse clamped. This is especially so when we are the only ones in the parking area. To date we don’t think we have incurred any parking or traffic infringements but as we are UK registered to my cousins address in Milton Keynes I guess we will have to wait and see, I am sure he will email us any notices that appear in his post box.




Weird things you come across. they were building a new house on the left side of the Road. Not a road cone in sight.


Today was to be our first big alpine challenge with the Grimsal Pass to get over on the way to Interlaken, however once we got to Realp the wind was getting quite strong so we decided that it was better and cheaper in the long run to give this high pass a miss ( 2165m). Instead we loaded Miss Stella on a train and took the Furka Railway to Hospental.



This was quite a cool experience in itself, driving Miss Stella onto a train and staying in our seats for the 15min train journey beneath the Furka Pass (2431m) about 15 minute journey costing 27chf has probably saved us at least that in mountain fuel, and probably close to a 2 hour very steep climb and descend. I must say it was a bit of a tight fit getting onto the train carriage, with wing mirrors having to come in.

We however still had our fair share of narrow steep switchback roads to contend with either side of the train ride.



Now this man deserves a DB, hillside hay paddock with walk behind sickle mower.

By going this way instead of the Grimselpass means we are heading towards Luzern on the A2 motorway (still contains steep switchbacks and long tunnels) so this seems a feasible change of plans, however free overnighting in Luzern looks impossible so paid campsite it will be again.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stopping in the village of Beckenreid on the banks of Lake Luzern for a bite of lunch and a stretch of the legs was a pleasant break from the motorway, but very obvious no parking signs for Campervans and caravans in the CableCar carpark didn’t give us the sign for a longer stay, as well as the fact the lunch time 2 hour close down has kicked in.



Dont ever moan about remote NZ lifestyle blocks.


Continuing onto Luzern and true to form Jacinda leads us right through the middle of the city to get to the campground, due to central city roadworks and the largest public bus transport system I have ever seen ( which has priority) it took us quite a while to get through the city.

Once clear of this wee hurdle an easy run to the Campground Lido, which pretty much sits on the banks of the Lake ( German side) about 20minutes walk to city centre, 5 minutes walk to the bus stop. ( Bus Ticket in cost of stay). Nothing is cheap in Switzerland especially not camping, 50chf/night.

3 nights paid camping in Switzerland (out of 4) has so far cost us about as much as we had spent on campgrounds in total so far on the trip. The other factor here is you don’t want to freecamp in the Swiss big cities as they are pretty quick to either move you on with a warning or forget the warning and hit your wallet very hard.

Anyway we were warned and will just have to make up for it once we leave Luzern.

Once settled and parked up, it was very easy just to kick back and chill with a book, its been a fairly busy couple of weeks so a rest afternoon seemed in order. We had every intention of heading into the city for a couple of hours later on but a thunderstorm put paid to that.

I will say the one good thing about these campgrounds are the showers, it is nice to a; have a bit of room and b; not be concerned about saving water and gas.



First views of lake Luzern once through the passes.


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