Finally Geneve Here We Come


Friday 13th We decided that seeing Geneva is only 2hrs away we will catch up on some homework. A bit behind on the posting of Miss Stella Blogs and gets quite hard remembering all the little details after a couple of days.

By the time I had finished and posted the Champagne Blog it was coming up 11.30, thinking we had better start to make tracks we backtracked into the town of Bourg en Brasse to complete the stocking of the pantry before Switzerland and Fuel and a quick trip to McDonalds to make use of the free internet to upload more issues of the blog. Food and fuel easily done however, our security on the laptop really doesn’t like McDonalds so not quite as successful.

12.30 and we are on the road, not the direct route though we have decided to give Miss Stella a bit of a test over the 1470mtr “Col la Faucille” pass situated between St Claude and Gex on the D936.




A really enjoyable drive through some spectacular lower mountain scenery that opens out into these quaint farming villages on the tops. A great test for driver, navigator (sitting nervously on the outside of several bluffs) and Miss Stella’s power and upgraded brakes. All went really well helped by the fact not a lot of traffic on these type of roads. Made it to the ski village of Mijoux and decided a really nice place to spend the afternoon and night so parked in the village Aire.


Saturday 14th July, “Bastille Day”

Continue our trip through this pass and on into Geneve, Switzerland. Unfortunately not a lot of options for overnight here so have ended up at the TCS Campsite at Point a la Bise about 8km out of Geneva.


High above the town of Gex with Lac Lemon (Geneva) in the background

Holy Crap its expensive, they pretty much have worked out no other options so can charge what they like, 60 euro/night, and its chocka full. Decided for 1 night just will pay up on this one.

Nice and easy bus into Geneva this afternoon before a thunderstorm sent us scurrying for shelter.



“Jet d”Eau, 7 tonnes of water in the air at any 1 time
The Famous Flower Clock, I expected more of this.

Tonight is rather loud with Bastille Day fireworks echoing across the lake from the French Side.



We might head back into The Old City tomorrow for a bit before heading into Switzerland proper.

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