UK and Back in 48hrs




After a little wander around Fougeres in the dark at 10.30 last night, decided we needed to see it again in the morning so a bit of an early start and wander around this quaint little town with the street cleaners as company. If had more time in schedule would have stayed longer. Unfortunately we just are never sure what surprises are in store at each stop, and even in places where we dont stop.




After leaving Fougeres by about 9.30am a pretty  boring day, with a long drive through to Calais ( no Toll Roads).




Reached Calais about 5.30pm and went directly to the port. Quite a strict protocol here, French side very easy just a quick stamp of passports, however the English Girl in the English Immigration was very interested in what we were doing and if some weird Frenchman hadn’t tried to pushbike straight through I think we would still be there.

Once through the obligatory refugee search of the van was passed with flying colours.

We where actually an hour early so where able to get onto the earlier ferry. 2nd time across the channel and it still amazes me the sheer volume of traffic and freight that crosses back and forth.

Once back on English soil and a quick adjustment to left hand side of the road again we headed up the Dover Coast a bit to the town of Deal, and a freecamp on the promenade.

Guess what we where hanging out for dinner, that’s right , COD & CHIPS. We have been very good and other than the odd slice of pizza for lunch have had no takeaways for 9 weeks.

Just as an aside to this we priced McDonalds in Italy while using the WIFI and a BigMac is the equivalent of $15NZ. The 2 cokes and 2 ice cream sundaes cost $7.00NZ ( just so we didn’t feel guilty about WIFI).

Now for those of you who have seen the video’s will have seen some of the narrow streets we have driven around Europe, however back in England they take on a whole new degree of ducking and weaving.

Several narrow streets combined with early morning rush and school buses meant the drive to Dunkerley’s Garage of Deal was challenging.

So to highlight our short sojourn back to the UK.

  • MOT done on Miss Stella, new front brakes, ( pads and disk’s, no more squeaking), oil change, light bulb replaced on number plate, and deflector stickers put across our European headlights, ( they shine the wrong way)
  • Good camera fixed, a good mechanic can fix anything. After being wet in Croatia our good camera gave up the ghost about a week ago with the lens stuck. This explains why some photos arnt quite as good a quality as they have been. Susie’s phone isnt the best camera at taking photos out a dirty windscreen at 90km/hr
  • Laundry done, 2 big loads of washing and a great couple of hours chatting away with Shamus Boyle who spent part of his childhood living in Christchurch (NZ) while his father was deployed to the NZ armed forces. Another older English couple that want to spend their retirement in NZ.
  • Both of us had haicuts, I had 1 in Slovakia, with hand signals etc but Susie hasn’t been game enough to try the language barrier.
  • The Library restocked, visiting the 2nd hand bookshops and buying up large on English books. Am reading the “Earths Children Series again” 14 new books bought for about 10pound.
  • Email traffic updated with a couple of insurance claims, (cancelled French Flight and Wing Mirror)
  • English Pub Lunch, No dinner needed tonight.


The guys at Dunkerleys did a great job on Miss Stella and we were all finished by 5.00pm, so moved off the prominade (it was a bit close to the road and Miss Stella moved everytime a car went past) to the parking area for the Deal Castle, (free carparking between 5.00pm and 9.00am).


English Channel From Deal Beach


Standard Beachside Pub

Now seeing as we had allowed ourselves 2 days for this sojourn pretty much had a free day on Friday. Still needed to do a couple of things that easier with English spoken on either side of the counter so headed to Folkstone for a couple of hours, before back to Dover for a couple of hours waiting around for return Ferry to France.

Dover Castle From High Street Dover

Back in France headed to a campsite on the Southern Coast of Calais, this is our first paid site in 2 weeks, so was a good opportunity to have a decent shower and plug into the power.

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