Across France Again

A lot of happy Frenchmen and women today as France has progressed to the semi-finals of some world cup thing, along with the German couple we camped next to last night as Germany is through as well.

We assume England will have shut down this afternoon as preparations were well underway for a busy afternoon in most pubs when we left.

Aim for next few days is to get across the top of France and back into the Alps and then into Switzerland at Geneva.

What a joy to drive without squeaky brakes, Miss Stella feels really good and already to tackle the next few months and hills.

Getting back into France we have clocked just under 9000km’s so wont be at all surprised if we hit the 20000 mark.

We have started stocking up the cupboards a bit this week as Switzerland is very expensive as is Norway. Had heard people talking of the channel trips they do from The UK to Calais for food and booze and didn’t really appreciate until visiting the supermarket near to where we stayed last night.

The range of wine, spirits and beer is huge, aisle’s and aisle’s of each and super cheap.


When your choice is so great, you choose on the shape of the bottle.

Good wine 4 euro, 24packs beer 8 euro, and spirits 20 – 30 euro/bottle. Then there is the food, we actually quite enjoy the supermarket shop, always something new, sometimes to try (today wasn’t a highlight in this front, some sort of spicy cold fish paste on bread). The cheese and salami’s are always good though.

Just 1 can today thanks


Susie had done todays bread shop this morning in the campsite (bakery van delivers) so lunch was sorted for later. These are actually our first croissants. I know bad isn’t it but really you can only eat so much bread in a day and we generally struggle to eat a “demi baguette” between us.


However that may change as they were so good.


Bit of a “groundhog” drive today back in the direction of Arras, but we did do some different roads through the “Valle de Somme” and once again the war graves have the sobering effect. The change in the crops in the 7 or so weeks in incredible and the next couple of weeks are full on harvest around here. The area of crop we have seen is quite staggering and shows another side to how dependant humanity is on farms and farming systems. Its quite hard to fathom where all this grain goes.


Pea Harvesters hard at Work

Tonight we are camped under the ramparts of the old fort of Taon,

20180707_214618.jpg site GPS; 49.561298  3.60986. very pleasant spot

So tomorrow will have a bit of a wander around here before heading towards Chalons-en-Champagne (yep it is where it is made) and then on through the Burgandy region.

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