The Italian Mirror Job

The Mirror Saga.

The universal language of Google Translate

So with an understanding that “the replacement mirror” would be here by 11.00am Tuesday morning we spend a lazy “ boring” morning waiting, and around 2.00pm having not heard from the Garage I decided to wander over and see what is going on.

IT is on the road was my answer will be here at 4.00pm, smile smile wave wave. At this stage we are parked up in a supermarket carpark across the road from the Garage and at 4.00pm on the dot rock on over.

Sure enough it is here, so take the opportunity to charge up camera batteries in their waiting room etc while waiting to get it replaced.

SUCCESS I can see behind me again, what a relief 300euro later I may add, try this one on insurance.

Time to make tracks aiming to keep going through Italy towards France. A couple of hours drive see us on outskirts of Milan, and  camped up in a rest stop essentially on the back fence to Monza racetrack. A reasonably quiet night until a refrigerated transport comes in and parks up as well. His fridge unit powered by a diesel motor kicks into gear every ½ hour or so. Fortunately he leaves about 3.00am.

On the road again Wednesday morning with the alps in our sights and a bypass of Turin in order. Toll roads are acceptable today as the non toll road through the Alps is pretty steep we assume.



These roads are amazing but incredibly expensive, the tolls are a mix of pay before you go for a stretch or get a ticket at entry and pay for as much as you use when you exit.

The whole day cost came to about 110 euro, with the major part of this being the 12km tunnel between Italy and France ( 59euro). Once into France and off the steepest of the Alps we get back onto D roads, which essentially follow the motorways but go through the villages.





With an eye on the map and Park4night website working aim for Chambery for the night, about 5km out we notice a few MOHO’s parked up beside an aerodrome so decide to join them. A very pleasant evening spent here watching the gliders amongst the massive cliffs that overlook this village.

Overnight just outside Chambery watching the gliders.

They use both tow planes and winch launch here which was pretty impressive.



From The Alps down Hill into lowland Forests.

A visit into Chambery in the morning to replenish supplies and fuel, ( fuel ranges in price from 1.40euro/l at supermarkets to 1.60euro/l at service stations on the motorways).


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