Venezia ; Italia


Woke up to the aftermath of wicked thunderstorm with a rather damp morning and major indecision going on as to visit Venizia in the rain or not.

By 10.00 ish it had started to clear so we are on the move. Ferry across to San Marco pier, which seems a very easy way to get to Venice and end up right by St Marks Square.




Long and short of it a great day spent wandering around this quite amazing city, managed to see a few of the church’s and museums but Shane and Susie don’t do queues so there were a handful that didn’t get seen. Walked, shopped, ate and drank, great day.




Will let the photos do rest of the talking, however by walking and not concentrating on seeing the “major sights ie: joining queues. We really managed to get off the beaten track and see some of the less crowded parts of the city.






The thing that I kept thinking of is that I have no idea where Dan Brown wrote the Robert Langdon books as lots of the places he wrote about such as The Bridge of Sighs and St Marks are far too crowded to be running around with bad guys firing guns at you. And also the number of armed police, and soldiers wandering around. Good fun though.



A quiet little surprise in middle of Venice.


Being Chased out of San Marco Wharf.

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