“Downtime” Sibinek.


So has ended up being 3 days parked up by the beach, a very chilled out time and with enough area around to give us some exercise exploring.


This area has been used extensively in the past as naval bases, In WWII the area was part of Hitlers “Eyes and Ears network” and included sheltered bays and tunnels for smaller patrol vessels and submarines. Including this sub tunnel we came across. Since then it has been used by the Yugoslav navy in their civil conflict and again in the Croatian civil unrest.

However that is all behind Croatia now and they are really aiming at tourism and tourism infrastructure. In a bike ride to get milk yesterday we came across this massive hotel complex, including campgrounds, convention centre waterpark and beaches. This is all relatively new  along with another beachside public complex that is brand new for this summer. Not sure what they do but somehow they turn these rocky foreshores into quite nice pebbly type beaches. There is no sand on this coast. By the day however this coast is filling up, mainly Germans and Italians at this stage but evidently the French and English will arrive early July. (We will be well out of here by then it will be chaos.)

Leaving our quiet “that’s a relative word around here we’ve worked out” beach camp on Tuesday Morning we have made our way back up the coast to Zadar, this is the first bit of road we have intentionally driven both ways on but the cost of the toll roads in Croatia is very high for the small convenience.

Once at Zadar we have followed highway 8 up the coastal road to just south of Rijeka and out onto “Otto Krk” (Krk Island).




This road was amazing literally carved out of the rock on the side of the ocean, it has been about 120km  but took us nearly 3 hours to drive. The scenery is stunning with barren rocky hills rising directly out of the amazingly blue sea. Very deep as well.

Returning to this increase in tourism, the whole way up this road any little cove or easy area between the road and sea has been turned into a campground, (the chance of freecamping here is non-existant). The other noticeable thing is every house that has the possibility of any roadside parking is a restaurant.

It is obviously working as today was a day when you really noticed the number of MOHO’s, caravans and touring bikes. Big change in the type of MOHO’s today as well, obviously Tuesday is the day on the roads for all the old campers, Miss Stella today was by no means an old girl.

It is however as I said a stunning drive, unfortunately it can be very windy and we got a beauty, a couple of times we had a white knuckle situation especially passing over these viaducts across gorges that are just natural extreme wind run.

The islands just off the coast are just barren wastelands by the look, not sute what happens over there but it certainly doesn’t involve anything that looks edible or green.


And out onto the Island of Krk, is a massive Toll Bridge, (tolls equal 51kune, approx 8 euro) so is quite expensive. This island has the airport for the area as well as ferry gateway to many of the other islands from here. The roadsides are covered in billboards for Hotels etc so have obviously reached Tourism central.

Our first priority was to refill water etc so managed to find a place to do this and then we had decided to pay for a camp site here for a night as need to get laundry done, however not to be as easy as first said, for the first time since starting things are booked out. Luckily enough found the pleasant little  Camperstop “Felix”

Park4night GPS: 45.029499  14.5812. Cost is 25euro/night, it isnt the cheapest but is comfortable. Everything we need in regards to services, It is different however as is somebodies back yard. 5 mins walk to Old City centre and the beach.

Met a lovely Swiss couple here  with a very social evening and great discussion on what to see in Switzerland in a few weeks time.

Will probably wander into the town for a bit in the morning and then head off and onto the Istria peninsular.

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