Slovakia, its your turn, Bratislava


Sunday 3rd June

Into Slovakia


Leaving behind Wein (Vienna) and that large city feel we have an easy drive in Slovakia today to the capital city Bratislava, home of Socialist -Era Czechoslovakian dominance (only became a new nation in 1993). It is an eclectic mix of Concrete jungle apartment blocks (Czech republic influence), a tiny pedestrian only medieval walled city that is mostly bars and eateries catering for the Danube River Cruise trade, a large reconstructed medieval castle overlooking most of the city and a weird bridge that looks as though a UFO has landed upon it and god knows how many statues.



It was a pretty straight forward motorway drive today through mostly arable country and forests of wind turbines with only 2 road closures to contend with. The roads in Slovakia look to be a little worse for wear so the next couple of days could be adventurous.

Park4night app led us straight to the Riverside park beside the Danube looking across the river to the old city and Castle upon the hill.

Bradislava , 10A Viedenska cesta, GPS: 48.136799, 17.114201. Day and Night parking in large mixed carpark. No Services but Free.

Biked across the big green bridge and into the old city and then up to the castle, we must be getting fitter because today we biked the whole way up the hill to the castle whereas a week ago we would have got off and walked.  (Probably however it would have taken the same total time as when we got to top today had to stop for a we bit of a recovery rest). Had read about these splendid Baroque Gardens behind the castle, however the guide books are a bit ahead of their time as they were only planted 2 years ago and still pretty dwarfish. Have potential.






To be honest we are really only overnighting here and as such don’t explore too much, not that there is a lot to explore.

Bit of a planning session this evening to scope out the next few days, are heading east into the National Park Area over the next couple of days before coming back down into Hungary.  Plus large shopping precinct close by, so hopefully can get to a pharmacy and get a haircut.

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