Austria: 1st Stop Salzburg


DSC09048.JPGSunday 27th May

After a study of maps and options available to us over night we have made a decision to keep heading eastwards. So the next few weeks look as though Austria, Hungary and maybe Romania  will be graced by the Miss Stella experience before we swing back through Croatia, Slovenia and into Switzerland.

Sunday is definitely a day off in Europe with the only places open being Petrol Stations and Bars / Restaurants, which both seem to do a roaring trade. The local population are out in force hiking / biking and throwing themselves off the mountains. Also a huge amount of touring motorbikes on the roads, ( including groups of quads and side by sides).


We have decided to follow the German Alpine Road “Deutsche Alpenstrasse” and wind our way into Austria. Using a route guide from another Facebook post we set.

Fussen – Garmish Partenkirch – Mittenweld

Mittenweld – Innesbruck  ( as we come towards Austria there is a Shell Petrol Station that we stopped at to get Austrian Vignette, (Tax to use motorways) @ 9 euro/10 days). Very soon after we pass the border and come to the first Austrian village with Fuel no 15cents/l cheaper than Germany 1km back .

Heading towards Innesbruck there is a massive hill to come down, with several warnings as to its steepness  16 degrees for about 4km. The result of this some very hot brakes on Miss Stella, upon reflection there is a Restaurant/Bar about ½ way down and I think a stop there may have been a wise tasting experience.

Anyway down we are and onto the A12 for a 60km blast to Oberaudorf, back into Germany onto the A8 and into Bernau. Sunday afternoons are obviously a truck free time on motorways as the rest areas both sides of the road are packed with parked up trucks, not sure how long they have been there but assume they spend the day parked up and then hit the road for the night runs once weekend traffic is gone.



Staying the night here in a Stellplatz on the side of Lake Chiemsee, this is obviously a huge summer attraction area and due to it being a reasonably warm early summer day the bodies are out, in my mind some shouldn’t have been, “budgie smugglers” are in here especially with the older “probably my age and older”. Sometimes reasonably hard to avert your eyes politely as they just catch the next sight, spend a lot of time looking at your own jandals and bumping into people.

Because of the crowds and actually unsure of where we will stay at this stage we parked in the carpark next to the Stellplatz as we wandered about, as we came back the “managers/owners” of the Stellplatz were pretty much there to meet us and we were promptly told, “sleeping here you in stellplatz, no sleeping in carpark”  Damn that blew that idea.

Wohmobilstellplatz im Chiemseepark Bernau-Felden  GPS 47.83111, 12.38528 6 euro/night, pay for showers 1euro/2min, 50c WC, 1 euro/80l water, very clean  handy bike to Bernau and biking around lake, It is a bit noisy as just off the A8.

Monday 28th May

A town visit is warranted this morning as out of bread and milk and need to stock up on what has become a rather nice easy meal for us, “basically marinated pork neck steaks” Yep that is right neck steaks, they are uber cheap easy to cook and are great with our other staples of potato salad, green salad or stirfry.  I must admit however that some nights it is just beer wine cheese and crackers maybe with some patte to make sure we cover all food groups.

Found one of these today, favorite travel food stop in NZ, however the menu is slightly different and coffee so strong you can use it as paint removal.

I must admit I also had an inspection of brake pads and rotors this morning after yesterdays BBQ, fortunately no damage done, probably going to have to be a bit more aware of these steep downhills in future.

Salzburg is in our radar for today and a scenic route on the 172/ 178 is planned out, planning didn’t go 100% as somewhere we had to backtrack to find the 178. Amazingly scenic valleys to travel through, with sheer sided mountains on either side, Very postcard type scenes.

This road jumps between Germany and Austria 2 or 3 times and we notice that there are police checks going into Germany which is causing massive tailbacks on the roads.


Me thinks it gets cold here !




Austria , Land of Tunnels and Bridges.

Deciscion time as to where to stay in Salzburg, do we try and free camp, camp in outskirts and travel in or Campsite in and use public transport.

In the end we decide upon a very new Stellplatz just off the A8.; Reisemobil – Stellplatz Salzburg  GPS: 47.835701 13.060447 (GPS CORDINATES IN CAMPERSTOP BOOK ARE INCORRECT) 19euro /night + 2euro /24hr power.


This place is very new and has the best showers and facilities we have yet found and at no cost. Very helpful staff for working out best way to see the best of Salzburg.

I am suffering the crippling condition of “manflu”, a slight sniffle and little bit of a sore throat so a quiet afternoon with a book is called for, this is actually something we never even considered was a source of books, we brought with us quite a collection and a buy up before leaving UK of a few novels however are starting to get through them, might have to investigate Kindle for the laptop.

The superb hosts of this Stellplatz have talked us into buying a Salzburg Card, (27euro) this gives us unlited public transport and free admission to most of the attractions in Salzburg, we have bought a 24hr one which is activated when you first use it.

Tuesday 29th May, 


View from Fortress to the South with Mt Untersberg in background.


View from Fortress over “Old Town” Salzburg.

Salzburg Day, Mission to get as much value out of the Salzburg card as possible.

Result: Just did it!,  We actually did things we would not have probably thought about such as The Mozart’s Birthplace and Family House, and the River Cruise, It also gave us admission to The Hohensalzburg Fortress and Funicular to get there (this is the imposing fortress that has stood above Salzburg in one form or another for about 1500 years), also to the Domquartier which has one of Europe’s most vast and expensive art collections and exhibits, (the curse returned on this one as this is not open on a Tuesday).







Bridge of Padlocks

Susie’s favourite shops, Xmas shops, this one was pretty special though these are all handpainted “Blown Egg Shells” Not the easiest thing to try and bring home as a souvenir though.

Salzburg “Oldtown” is an amazing place filled with incredible and numerable Church’s and Cathedrals a real tourism trail around the whole “Wolfgang Armadeus Mozart” life and times and a very upmarket tourist shopping trap, all the big name stores are here in this amazing street that runs from the River into a cliff face.




Staying in the Stellplatz Salzburg again tonight to make use of wifi and power before heading out tomorrow to take the Cable Car to the top of Mt Untersberg (1853mtrs) and visit the Old Salt mines of which Salzberg derived from (underground).


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