Deutschland wir wagen

Leaving Luxembourg Jacinda had her biggest meltdown to date, I programmed in Trier, a town just through the Luxembourg German border with a couple of towns added as waypoints which should have given us a nice drive up the Moselle Valley area of Luxembourg. So turning out of the gate of the campground she directed us across the road and straight ahead, first 250 mtrs no problem then got narrower and narrower followed by a very gruff looking cyclist coming our way showing us the finger and saying “ nein, nein. bike only”, and sure enough where Jacinda said this road should have joined the next one where green bollards.


If we had a reversing alarm we would have worn it out over the next 3 or 4 minutes until we found somewhere to turn around and start again.

OK so she recalculates the route, and off we set again, this time in almost the opposite direction, as this route goes on Susie and I start to see disturbing similarities to the bus we took to the centre of Luxembourg. Sure was, the exact route taken by bus number 18 to central Railway Station Luxembourg.


BUT, F*&^ she wasn’t finished with us yet, we are now committed to heading through one of the main access routes into the old city. I am now starting to get a little nervous and a bit grumpy as I am well aware that Luxembourg has really Strict Low Emission Zones and Miss Stella has not been certified for these. ( I had seen a Police checkpoint Yesterday in the city for this).

Fortunately Jacinda is fooling with me and turns us off just before we cross the bridge into the old city, committed now we follow her instructions and after stopping to fill up with cheapest Diesel we have come across so far in Europe and Fresh Baggetttes (some things you learn a bit quicker than others) we make it to Trier in Germany having missed most of the Moselle Valley.

The Road below is where we were supposed to be 1hr ago.


You have to slow to 100 for the bridges and tunnels.

Spent the afternoon meandering our way across Germany towards the Rhine and our Destination Weisbedan, (By meandering I mean a constant argument with Jacinda over which roads are suitable for a 7m Motorhome and arn’t closed due to roadworks.

Once we get into Weisbaden, a city in itself on the outskirts of Frankfurt and known for the world’s biggest cuckoo clock. Also as a city that was missed by the Allied Bombing in WW11 therefore the original town buildings are still in original shape.

The reason we have come here is for a Equestrian show and the Friday Extravaganza is a must see and Saturday is the 2nd round of Event Rider Master’s Series.

Finding the Reisemobilhafen Wiesbaden , GPS 50.05596, 8.211166 easily just off the 643. 12 Euro/night + pay for showers, power, water  and cassette dump. Hard Pitches, clean facilities. Not that central need a bike.

After parking up we Google Map the Biebich Palace which hosts the event and set off on our way.

A great nights entertainment, show went from 7.00pm with a horse 6 bar until just before midnight. We decided to bolt just before the end as the crowd was huge and we needed to bike uphill back to campground, worked exactly to plan until we came to the street we thought we were supposed to go down seemed to blocked  with cars. At this same stage my phone with map ran out of battery as well.

Main Dressage Arena in front of the Palace
Main Arena,



Night Extravaganza, videos from this posted on our face book pages. 
Blurry photo I know, but he was doing dressage on a camel.


Short and long of this story is that Susie and I biked for about an hour pretty much up and down this one street and its off shoots trying to find our way home.  We got there eventually. ( However I had been making mental notes about the locations of the different vacant bus shelters that we passed).

2nd day of the event was XC day and an interesting course had been set in the palace grounds, all mobiles with a lot of corner skinny combinations. The way the event rider masters works with the Dressage and showjumping on day 1 and then XC running with the leaders going last along with live scoring including timing makes a really exciting spectacle. Obviously with German riders coming 1st and 3rd, it was pretty noisy. This event really wasn’t about the horses as much as a bloody good day out for bucket loads of people. Food and Beer.


FOOTNOTE HERE:  (we got home easy as this time, however feeling the effects of cycling around Wiesbaden in the middle of the night for 1 ½ hrs)

Sunday 20th May;


Casual start to the day, as wanting to head down the Rhine, this is a must do according to Lonely planet and you have the choice of left hand side N9 or Right hand side N42.

We choose N42 and certainly lived up to its reputation with amazing scenery, castle after castle in various states of repair and vineyards planted on almost vertical rocky hills all interspersed with pretty traditional type German towns that were incredibly busy.




We stopped in Assmannshausen and took the chairlift to the top expecting to have some amazing views down the Rhine valley, unfortunately we were a little disappointed as it was pretty much a wooded nature area for walking. Walked a bit of a way but still didn’t come across anything, this is all a ski area in winter right from the valley floor and through the vineyards.




The river traffic on the Rhine is amazing as well with an incredible number of freight barges, day ferries and floating cruise hotels.




We decided to finish this part of the trip without heading into Cologne and turned North again in Bonn and heading into Wiehl to overnight. Wiehl GPS: N50.94704 E7.55218, Freepark in the carpark of a sports stadium no services but very quiet and peaceful.


Excited for tomorrow as heading to Giesen, before turning around and heading south again.



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