Luxembourg : Luxembourg City


Leave Bouillon Wednesday 16th May and pretty much follow the border of Belgium and France.

We have decided after much discussion to name the Navman ” Jacinda”, many coincidences come to mind, however the the overwhelming one is the fact that we seem to have a direction in mind without any idea whatsoever of how exactly we are going to get there.

This trip was a classic, in our minds it was a pretty east journey of about 1hr, head out of Bouillon back onto the E411 and straight there. However Jancinda had other ideas, she decided a rural day is in order so we went via villages such as Florenville, Tintigny Etalle and Marmer, and a lovely drive of over 2 hours.

Another Jacinda coincidence is that once we hit cities and Luxembourg was a classic example she is spot on with directions and if you follow her blindly no problems, but she really seems out of her depth when it comes to “Rural”, ( you may get where I am coming from with this).

Anyway we made it to Luxembourg and onto the campground, a paid one this time as we need to do laundry and good showers etc for a night., Camping Kockelscheuer, GPS N49.57236 E6.10817.

A fantastic site, grass and hard pitches, power, water, waste, Very Clean toilets, showers laundry. They supply you with a crossover cable for the power, Camp has a shop, restaurant and bar and bus into central Luxembourg (#18) is about 5mins walk and takes about 20mins bus ride.



Had a pleasant afternoon here in the sun got laundry done etc and went for a gentle bike ride to gather some essential supplies such as bread and milk.

Heres something we have learnt, if you want fresh bread especially Bagettes etc, you need to get them before 10.00am in the morning or else there are none left, and from about 10.15 onwards all you see are locals wandering around waving their lovely fresh Bagette’s at you with that “you dumb tourist” smirk on their faces.

2nd learning episode for today, if you remember back to the initial pick up of Miss Stella , you may remember a comment about the fly screens being missing and that was one thing “Neil, the dealer” didnt want to know about. Anyway lying in bed the other morning with lovely sun pouring through the window I happened to look at the window and noticed this cassette type thing. Being the inquisitive sort I am I gave it some investigation, Low and behold we have not only fly screens but black out curtains. Well Bugger Me !!


But that’s not the important right now, Back to Luxembourg.

What an amazing city, the absolute contrasts between old and new, Business and History, Hustle and Bustle and Serene quiet spaces. We actually opted for the Hop ON Hop OFF city tour here thinking it would be a good way to get a grip of the city, it was but for us there really was only a couple of places we felt like hopping off. This city is so clean as well which is a nice change to what we have seen so far.

The old city essentially overlooks Constitution Square and includes The Palace of The Grand Duke ( Flags up if The Duke is Home), Town hall and the amazing Notre-Dame Cathedral. A short walk through the inner city shopping and restaurant precinct and you come to the Bock promontory and Casements. The view from here was incredible and certainly lives up to its name of “The most Beautiful Balcony of Europe”.

The Grand Palace
Little Bars heading down towards the “Fish Market”





“The most Beautiful Balcony in Europe”


Notre Dam Cathedral.
The city is full of these amazingly quiet spaces, 20mtrs away is the bustling city, and yet here it is quiet with birds singing.
A bit of the contrast, part of the old city underneath a modern bridge linking the 2 together.

On the bus tour which we never took photos from was the impression that this city will just keep growing , the area known as the Kirchberg is the ever expanding new Luxembourg with most of the international and world organisations moving out of the old city into new highrises of glass and steel, so different.


Food quite expensive, but fuel is the cheapest we have found so far.

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