Bouillon: Our First Real Bike Ride

We were conned !!!!

The nice young girl in the Information Centre described the trails as ranging from Easy (10Km) through to a harder 23km, and can choose either easy road routes that follow the tarseal road through nearby villages (top ride in photo below) or rides more suitable for mountain bikes that go through the bush ( number 1 below)   That’s what we heard anyway.


So not really keen to be riding on the roads we look at the board above as well and decide an easy 10km through the bush on tracks should be a pleasant way to spend an hour.

Started off really well with a lovely tarseal road past a monastery,


Then it rained, a thunderstorm out of clear blue sky, surprisingly Susie had mentioned “it looks like rain”. Fortunately they had this wee shelter handy.


Somehow or rather things changed shortly after this and the easy road so described in all corresponce to this date turned into a 2km long shingle hill climb, ( the only thing described right was that it was through bush).


We eventually came to the top and emerged in Rural Belgium, Belgium Blue cattle everywhere  ( Surprise Surprise).


At this stage we where working on the premise of what goes up must go down especially when we know that we are camping beside a river, gravity must come into effect soon.



Interestingly enough the so called road heading downhill was little more than a farm track, so all in all first “mountain bike” trail successfully ticked off.

HOWEVER, will be very carefull before extending ourselves to any track rated above flat for a little while yet.




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