Belgium : Bouillon



The lonely planet guide has suggested that Bouillon is worth the stop as is very rural with Belgiums biggest Castle / Fort, and boundaries France’s Ardenne area. Today we decide to motorway it as it is about 150km (and that is 2/3rd way across Belgium) and need to be heading that way to get into Germany later in the week.  The motorways are a great way to get from A > B quickly and are actually driver friendly, Trucks on outside lane (unbelievable number, it is just a constant flow in both directions and layby’s are full of drivers having breaks), then cars and other vehicles share the other lanes, indicate your intentions and move across. I am getting better, but according to the navigator wait for too big a gap. “Quite a bit of discussion on this at times”.

Arrive in Bouillon about 3.30pm and and go directly to freecamp site.

This site thanks to a new app found,

GPS: N 49,79106, E5,05767. Park adjacent to a sportsfield, a mix of both gravel and grass pitches, on the banks of the Semois River with the Bouillon Fort above. Free water and waste dump and power available by coin purchase from Info site in village. Easy walk bike to village and heaps of biking walking in the area.


A bit of cabin fever set in about 8.00pm, so we ventured out for a short bike ride just as mist started to clear off. A very quiet dark night nicely illuminated by a massive lightning and thunder storm.DSC08271.JPG

Tuesday 15th May, A beautiful day, a bike around the village, scavenge some WIFI outside one of the Hotels and then tour the castle/fort, once again history. New Zealand is so young, this one dates back to 1049 and has been built around the natural rocks in the hill. Very nice place, planning a good mountain bike this afternoon, however is presently very nice sitting in the sun.



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