Bath To Dover, The Continent Here We come!


Hey Guess what the ferry was a real one with car decks a motor and a real captain, ( and cheap NZ Rose wine in the duty free, which Susie stocked up on).

But lets just back Miss Stella up a bit, Bailed out of Bath quite successfully , however have learnt that by accepting “avoid Motorways” on the Navman does leave you open for some pretty dicey narrow country lanes that are certainly scenic but quite nerve wracking at the same time.

A midday detour into Salisbury was in order, on the premise to stock up fridge for next couple of days (food that is). Now parking is something we are learning really quickly about, normal P signs that indicate parking don’t apply to Miss Stella, mainly due to the whole size thing, however Bus parks work really well and probably piss the tourist operators off no end, but have decided tht the worst thing that could happen is we will get clamped, and work on the whole New Zealand Flag and silver fern thing as a get out of jail free card.  (has worked to date).

Have also become quite good at conveniently stopping and doing a 12 point turn to U turn if we have to.  “SMILE AND WAVE THE FLAG”.


Back to Salisbury anyway, so we park up and decide to wander back into the town that we found we couldn’t park Miss Stella in and visit the Salisbury Cathedral. Walking along notice this huge police presence and taped off area.  This is where that Russian dude and his daughter were poisoned. To date no visible effects on us.

Now Salisbury Cathedral and the Magna Carta were amazing, John our guide was brilliant.





Today’s amazing facts,

  1. It is built on a swamp, the water leval is only 3 feet below the floor and the outside footings only go down 4 ½ feet.
  2. The tower/ steeple bit at the top weighs 3500t
  3. There are 140 dead people either in tombs or behind plaques.
  4. It is made of limestone, therefore it is continually eroding and has its own quarry to keep the stone the same.
  5. They have no earthquakes in this country.

After a good look around back into central Salisbury and a bite of lunch. Now this has to be one of the most decadent takeaways ever, a hot roast beef wrap (wrapped in Yorkshire Pudding). Good Business idea # 2.



On the road again and a pretty leisurely trip from here up the coast to Dover. For old times sake drove past “The Woolpack Inn” and just around Brenzett our old stomping ground from shearing in 1992. Don’t think either have changed much since.

Arrived in Dover about 7.00pm, quite a long day and a fair few km’s on the clock. Our first freecamp, Marine Parade, along with about 10 other MOHO,  (on the road speak for Motorhome). All pretty chilled out until 2 carloads of locals and 3 rather loud motorbikes park up opposite us and decide to party up, Marine Parade is also obviously the local hangout.DSC08066

A pretty good night however and felt quite safe.

Up and at em early next morning as need to be checked in by 8.00am ( no way are we missing this one). Easy as and as I said earlier it’s a real boat. Sailing on the dot 9.25am and arrive in Calais 1 ½ hrs later ( + 1 hour).


Goodbye England.

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