Bath, UK



A brilliantly hot ( 25degrees C) Bank Holiday Monday saw us with a leisurely departure time from Badminton, after helping a couple of other campers to extract themselves from being stuck, ( nothing like telling a lady in her new 100,000 pd campervan just to give it some jandal), the blank expression sort of said it all.

After saying our farewells to some other kiwis we had met and discussed catch up plans later in Europe we headed for the short drive to Bath. Set Navman up to take us to Information center thinking there would be reasonable parking around this area. Frayed Knot, the misadventures of Miss Stella continued, center of Bath is not really the place for a left hand drive 7m campervan on Bank holiday Monday.  A quick reprogram to take us to the nearest campground sent us on our way again. However on the way there a sign saying long term parking encouraged us to turn into this lovely park. Remember the bank holiday thing, yep it haunted us again this long term parking was a loop road around the park, which because of the holiday was wall to wall parked cars on both sides of the road and everybody well and truly in holiday mode in the park. The park road was probably 3km long and we wound our way around this with about 8 inchs spare on either side.  “No worries”.

Return to the main road and decide the simple drive to the;

Bath Marina & Caravan Park, beside the Avon River is the best course of action.

Lovely setting, with great facilities, showers laundry and good WIFI, and a very hospitable host,  > 27pd/night.

A bit of a walk in afternoon past the pub, about 300mtrs away and further on down the towpath/ bridle path.



Had a good look at what is to see in Bath and decided that a second night here is worthwhile which will give us a good day to explore. Decided Miss Stella needed a day parked up so took the Bus into Bath, Bus Stop just by the Pub.


Bath Abbey


Roman Baths ( dating from BC Times)

The Circus, residential housing in a complete circle.

A bit of shopping today has seen us add the final bit of kit. Meet our new friends, these should stop us making silly decisions in trying to take Miss Stella into the towns, villages and cities we intend to visit.


So we bought these in central Bath, were intending to pick up in Southhampton tomorrow at Decathalon ( like a Rebel Sport), but found them cheaper today. So instead of taking the bus home tonight we had a very pleasant 20minute cycle down the towpath. Haha, it gets better though these things must be related to Miss Stella because we get back to Miss Stella, ( all charged up and looking good parked under a tree) and unpack our accessories and bloody hell there is no key in the bike lock. So back on the bike and 20 minutes back into town, get a new lock with a key, and another 20 minute bike home again.  Good exercise, however the legs are a bit weary tonight.

So Tomorrow we make our way to Dover and then cross over to France Thursday morning, will see how our luck holds on this one. I for one wont be at all surprised if the ferry we have booked onto has oars and a sail.

Talk to you again in a couple of days.  HAPPY DAYS



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