Ole London Town.


A few days to spend kicking around London whist staying with Brendan, Jeni, Annabelle and Jonothon, ( My little cousin Brendan). These guys live in the area of Sidcup, ( and in our travelling language “on the Southeastern Rail Network”),

It has actually taken a few days to get over the flight with energy levels failing miserably in the afternoons and evenings.

A couple of days in now and thinking we have got this public transport thing sussed. And anyway you get something wrong you just fudge it and decide you wanted to go there anyway. Spent a day in central London, Tourist stuff, London Bridge and Westminster. Good history lesson at Tower of London and quite excited to get our selfies under Big Ben. Not to happen though as Westminster and Big Ben both under scaffold.20180427_150410.jpg

After a bit of facebook discussion on the maths involved ( Thanks Garry ), it was 1992 that I last saw this and earlier for Susie, and the damn thing was under scaffold then as well.

White Tower, Tower of London


Rooks at Tower of London, it is said that if these birds leave the whole monarchy will collapse.


Westminster, Houses of Parliament. ( Scaffolded)
Westminster Abbey


As you can see winter has returned to The UK, this is not helping me in my quest to wear shorts for 12 months continuously. It is also shaping up to be a week weekend here which may not bode well for Badminton next week.

A quiet weekend saw us head off to shopping center at Bromley to get a few bits and pieces ( including waterproof footwear for Susie), and do a bit of scoping out for the upcoming reprovisioning of Miss Stella.

An interesting observation from an amazing couple of hours spent in a Marks nad Spencer foodhall, is the dominance of prepared meals in the supermarkets, had heard about it obviously but really was an eye opener. Just about every meal / foodtype is available in a 1 2 or even 4 person package.

OK now the scary part of this, IT IS ALL IN PLASTIC. I don’t think I am turning into a crazy but having recently watched “The plastic whale” this is a really concerning part of our modern world. Will be interesting as we travel seeing how individual countries are dealing with this.

On the polar opposite is the large number of street stalls selling fresh food and vegetables, Real “Notting Hill” stuff. Observations from both sides of this is that eating is not that expensive here, would say that very similar to home price wise.  Really struggling to find NZ red wine here though, heaps of whites especially Marlborough Sav’s. Bought a couple of bottles of Oyster Bay Merlot as thank you gift to Brendan and Jeni, ( around 10pound/bottle) and they were blown away by it. Traditional french red wine drinkers.

Tomorrow head to Hereford and start the Journey proper. ( By the way I have spoken to the guy who sold us Miss Stella on the phone yesterday, ( so at least he exists)and he is meeting us at Hereford Railway Station.

Bring on Summer !!


One thought on “Ole London Town.

  1. Is that you guys under Big Ben in the yellow and green poncho’s
    I’m glad that Suzie has dry feet now and I’m sure shane is happy he packed his red bands.
    Loving the photos,
    Have fun with miss stella


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