Sunday 22nd April 2018

Sitting here this morning at home in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  2 sleeps to go before Susie and I (Shane) head off on our adult version of the great OE  ( Kiwi slang for overseas experience ).

I guess the real purpose of this post is as a bit of a test that I can actually make this thing work properly and get it out to friends and family who may want to follow our adventures over the next 6 months.

Adventures of Miss Stella you ask ? Well Miss Stella is the name of our campervan presently residing in Hereford, UK. Not entirely sure where the name came from but Susie has named it, and so it happened.

Anyway Miss Stella is a 2009 Fiat Ducato, ( 4 berth, left hand drive, 47000 kms on the clock that we have bought via ebay.  Totally unprovisioned so some serious shopping to be done when we take possession next week.

This has been a learning experience in itself, the whole purchase thing went smoothly ( he says hoping like anything we havnt just bought a photograph off EBay) however comprehensive insurance that is required through europe was a bit more tricky, but was finally obtained through a company called Downunder Insurance, that specializes in insuring these vehicles for antipodean travelers.

A brief itinerary of the next week just in case we dont update is,

So fly out of Auckland  Tuesday night to Paris, via a short stopover in Shanghai.

A couple of nights in Paris, Then eurostar train to London to stay the weekend with my cousin Brendan and his family ( first piece of advice book eurostar early , it is bloody expensive a couple of weeks out).

Monday or Tuesday train up to Hereford and meet Miss Stella, and start the journey proper.

I am going to post this now and see what happens.

3 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. Hey ! I’m really happy to read some news about you and know you are in road trip ! I wish you a good travel and lots of joy ,love and fun . I Will follow your adventur . Kind regards


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